Lethal Weapon: (S01E03) "Best Buds"

This episode was by far the cutest. Hold on to your hats while I explain myself because I know some crazy stuff happened in the episode. 
The episode revolves around the robbery of an armored truck that was carrying money from legitimate pot dealers. Turns out it was the pot dealers themselves that stole the money but they were robbed by the driver of the armored truck because he recognized  their shoes when they robbed him. The twist, however, comes when the drug dealers are found with their heads chopped off. Turns out the armored truck was also carrying money from a cartel. The cartel went to the drug dealers looking for their money but by the time they got to the drug dealers the armored car driver had already stolen it. The armored car driver was Murtaugh’s training officer. Murtaugh and Riggs take the truck with the money in, leaving the driver behind so that he can make a run for it. He never got the chance because the cartel came for him. He was rescued by Riggs and Murtaugh and while they faced the music about damages and the truck he was on the lamb. 
Reasons why this episode is cute:

  1. The banter between Riggs and Murtaugh is getting more and more witty. 
  2. The mini date between Murtaugh and his wife. Though it was cut short we still learned a lot about their relationship. 
  3. When Murtaugh pulls over his wife to relive when they first met.

Reasons why this episode hit me in the feels:

  1. Riggs makes it all the way to his in laws house to have dinner but never actually makes it in because it’s too painful. At this point we catch a glimpse of them together in a flashback of when he first met her parents at that very house. 

Looking forward to next week’s funny…and feels.