The Exorcist: (S01E03) "Chapter Three: Let 'Em In"

Flashback to five years earlier. Kat and her friend Julia are in the car talking about who their dream guys are. They see a man standing in the road and then they run into a pole to avoid him. It looks like the man at Casey’s ball game and at Casey’s house.
A crazy prophet is in the street making a commotion. Angela is nearby standing in front of what appears to be a hotel. Angela welcomes a priest who is in charge of the pope’s security.
Henry is talking to Tomas about demons. Henry doesn’t really believe in demons. Henry says he prays a lot. We find out what happened to Henry. Some scaffolding collapsed on his head. He worries about his little girl and asks what he is supposed to do. Tomas says he knows someone who knows about these things.
Casey is out shopping for a dress for Julia’s memorial service. Kat is with her. The mysterious man is there with Casey showing her another dress that is rather revealing. He tells her to stuff it in the bottom of her bag. Wow! So Casey has been haunted for at least five years.
Now Marcus is at the Rance household doing a walkthrough with Henry and Angela. Marcus says he wants to speak to Casey.
Meanwhile Tomas is at a dinner with a bunch of other priests and cardinals and the pope’s security guy and Angela’s right hand woman. She makes a suggestion that the pope might want to see some of the less fortunate neighborhoods. The security guy says no. It poses too much of a security risk to the pope. There is a commotion outside the place where this dinner is being held. A man is on fire outside. Did he set himself on fire? Is he that prophet we saw earlier? It almost looks like there are demons or spirits above him in the smoke.
Casey is in Father Tomas’s office with Father Marcus. Angela and Henry are out in the sanctuary. Tomas asks Casey if she speaks other languages. She says no. Then he asks her if she can move the pen on his desk with her mind. Marcus interrupts and says he would like to ask her a series of questions.
Marcus asks if she resents her sister, especially since the accident. Marcus tries to get Casey mad by saying she is ignored now because of Kat’s problems. She does get mad and tells Marcus to go to hell. She gets mad when she finds out that Marcus was in her room and has her jewelry box. Inside is a cracked mirror. Marcus says seven years’ bad luck. The old man is there with Casey talking to her telling her she is beautiful. Marcus asks if the man who gave her this is in the room right now. Casey doesn’t answer. The man tells Casey to stop talking. Marcus starts talking to Casey in another language trying to encourage the demon to action. The mirror spins. Lights flicker. Things fly off the walls. Then the demon speaks through Casey. Tomas tries to film it. Marcus asks his name. The demon has a lot to say and finally Marcus says enough and the demon stops talking and Casey just smiles at Marcus.
They must have let Casey go. Marcus and Tomas are showing another priest the video. The girl was speaking Aramaic. Tomas says she needs an exorcism. The priest says she needs a psychiatrist. The pope’s security guy is there and he doesn’t look happy. He hands Father Marcus his excommunication papers. Marcus asks why. The guy says because he pulled a gun on a priest, killed someone while performing an exorcism, and goes on and on with a long list of reasons. The guy asks for Marcus’s collar and tells him he can no longer perform the sacraments.
Casey is at home curling her hair and she discovers some sores on the back of her neck. The old guy is there. She puts the curling iron on her stomach to burn herself. At first the pain hurts but then she likes it.
Father Marcus is drinking in the sanctuary. He says 41 years of sobriety is down the drain. Tomas says what they did to him today is wrong.
At the gathering for Julia backstage you can see several burn marks all over Casey’s body. Everyone is drinking from a bottle. Casey starts talking about how Julia was the love of Kat’s life. Kat asks Casey what the hell is wrong with her. Casey says not a thing.
Marcus is back at the church with the mirror. He turns to a stained glass window of Jesus and says shut up. He burns his excommunication papers. What a rebel.
Then out on stage some girls perform a dance and Kat is crying. Angela tries to comfort her. Henry looks on at Kat and Angela. Casey is sitting on the other side of Henry and a man’s hand comes over her shoulder.
Tomas is talking to Angela’s business partner in bringing the pope to the city and Tomas is talking about visiting Chicago when he was a kid. He asks why he is there. She says she invited him there and she has something for him. It is a check for his church for $100,000. Tomas doesn’t trust her. She says when you give something like this you want something. She says do something good with it and make me want to write you another.
Back to the dance, Casey is covered in sweat in the audience. She doesn’t look well at all. She gets up and runs away. Henry runs after her telling Angela to stay with Kat. I wonder if this is before Henry’s accident.
Marcus goes to the Rance household. The pope’s security guy pulls up in a car and tells Marcus to get in the car. This can’t be good. He hands Marcus some tickets to Tallahassee. Father Marcus gets on the bus to Tallahassee.
Casey and Henry are on the subway home. Henry gets a pain in his eye and his eyes roll back in his head. He appears to have a stroke or seizure. Some boys get on the subway and hassle Casey because of her dress. Henry appears to have passed out. Casey sees the old guy approaching her. He kisses her. Ewwww…Gross. She suddenly gets powerful and beats up the guys who were bothering her. The power seems to have gone out as well. Henry wakes up. Casey speaks in the demon’s voice as she rips one guy open. Henry yells Casey’s name. She is covered in blood. She pees herself. She looks at her father as if she doesn’t know what happened. That is the end of the episode.
Wow! What an exciting episode! What did you think?
Photo courtesy of Hannah Kasulka via Twitter @hkasulka.