Van Helsing (S01E04) "Coming Back"

This series is getting better and better with every episode, this episode we were given mystery and of course horror; lots and lots of horror which in my opinion is good. We were also given insight of another Rebel group or whatever you want to call it who are trying to find ways in fighting back against the vampires. But over all this series is absolutely one of my new favorites!
In this episode: We see Sheema (Naika Toussaint) entering into a building to try to spy on the vampires, as she is climbing through the vent she spys on Rebecca (Laura Mennell) whose having sex with a virgin human. The human confessed to Rebecca that he didn’t want to die, Rebecca then took her sharp knife like finger nail to cut the throat of her sex toy and started drinking his blood. Sheema then started escaping through the vent but Rebecca did hear her escaping.
Meanwhile at the base, Doc (Rukiya Bernard) is taking a warm shower but also weeping wither being happy of being human again or sad of being human again its really your decision, but Doc and Flesh (Vincent Gale) had a bit of words discussing what its like being turned back. Flesh also gives Doc insight in vampires who are more worse than what they have come across so far including Julius (Aleks Paunovic). Flesh then sleep walks and awakes to a woman hung above the stair case.
Axel (Jonathan Scarfe), Vanessa (Kelly Overton), John (David Cubitt), Nicole (Alison Wandzura), Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl), and Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) all discuss who could’ve done this to one of their group members. Nicole immediately accuses Flesh since hes the one who found the poor woman like that but Flesh defends himself in saying he was sleep walking. John then gives the idea to Axel to start choosing sides or possibly kill one or the other and Vanessa warns Axel it might come down to that if the group doesn’t get some fresh air or leave the base every now and then. Axel doesn’t think it will come down to that and says no one will be leaving the compound at all.
Mohammad then tells Vanessa (as shes trying to hotwire the door to get out of the base) that his sister is somewhere out there and makes her promise if they go out to search for Vanessa’s daughter Dylan that they afterwards go look for Mohammad’s sister. Vanessa agrees and the two of them go out on their little adventure. Axel and Doc then make a discovery that the woman who was hung was actually strangled and someone or something bit off her finger perhaps as a trophy. John then blames Doc for killing their group member and then targets Mohammad but Sam quickly defends the boy with his sign language which John can’t understand. Axel then shares a note that Mohammad left for Sam, Sam had no idea he would try to go out there by himself. Sam tells Axel he’s scared for Mohammad and Axel agrees.
Mohammad and Vanessa then get to Vanessa’s apartment to see if anything would reveal that Dylan is alive. Mohammad sees an old puddle of blood and asks Vanessa if it could be Dylan’s but Vanessa confesses it’s her blood and thats where she died. Vanessa then wonders off to her daughters room and takes a photo of her and her daughter. Vanessa and Mohammad share cans of peaches sharing stories and becoming friends. Vanessa then sees old footprints of Dylans revealing she could very well be alive. Mohammad and Vanessa then wonder back into the direction of the base but come across people who are in danger of being attacked by vampires. Vanessa then attacks the vampires killing one but one got away. Vanessa sees a little girl that reminds her of her daughter; Vanessa asks the little girl her name, she says its Callie (Macie Juiles) she begs Vanessa to not to leave her.
The vampire who escaped goes to Julius to report the sighting of Vanessa, he orders for the vampire to take her alive and to kill all the others with her. In the end of the episode Vanessa tells Mohammad to take Callie and the others to the base and look after Callie no matter what. Mohammad feels bad for leaving Vanessa; Axel and Sam are both glad but angry at Mohammad for doing what he did with Vanessa. Vanessa then got caught by the vampires!
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