Z Nation (S03E04) "Escorpion and the Red Hand"

Review: Warning, this review contains spoilers. Well, lovely people, this is gonna be short. I don’t know how to feel or what to think about this episode. The only interesting thing was Murphy’s storyline. The Team got great scenes and stuff, but it seems like nothing really happened. I’m gonna divide the episode in two: Red Hand and The Cure.

Red Hand.

The team arrives to a town and the first thing they see are four Zs hanging from an overpass, and the word “thieves” written in red on a wall. Minutes later a small group of three arrives and explain them that their friends were killed by a group known as The Red Hand and that it’s led by someone who call himself Escorpion. They don’t get to chat much because the Red Hands show up and attacks them, killing one of the random guys.

puente - Z Nation (S03E04) "Escorpion and the Red Hand"

Running away from this crazy people, the team splits up: Warren, Hector and two guys take shelter in a warehouse where they find a wounded red hand member who tells them they killed the men from the overpass because they stole their food. The Red Hands don’t try to enter to the warehouse, I’m not sure why, they just make a lot of noise and throw molotovs at them. Funny part: they send them a bomb-zombie! It doesn’t kill anyone but it blows up the warehouse entrance allowing Zs to enter. At this point Hector rolls up his sleeves to fight, uncovering his tattoo. When the random guys see the tattoo, they think Hector is the leader of the Red Hands and try to kill him.

Addy, Doc, and Sun Mei get little screen time but their scene is part of my darkest nightmares: they pull of Addy’s septic tooth with pliers. Ouch.

The Cure.

Murphy is pretty busy building his town and dealing with people who arrive to be bitten by him. He explains he’s too weak and he can’t bite them but he’s developing a cure to save them all.

At her lab, Doctor Merch —God bless her— injects 10K with a dose of the original HZN1 vaccine, freeing him from Murphy’s control. Together they plan to destroy the blend vaccines and get as far away from Murphy as they can. Unfortunately their plan fails —or half fails—  when Murphy finds out about it and bites Doctor Merch again, but 10K manages to escape —after an amazing chasing scene.

merch y 10k - Z Nation (S03E04) "Escorpion and the Red Hand"

At the end, Doctor Merch recovers control of herself and decides to end her life. Murphy tries to stop her, but he only can watch as she is torn apart by Zs.