Arrow: (S05E01) "Legacy"

Review: There were some exciting and some less exciting things about this episode. I liked the fighting scenes – sure, they’re still pretty dark, but they seemed badass enough to fit the show. I like the fact that Curtis now has a role in the Arrow team, because he is a funny character that might bring some good energy. I LOVED the fact that they finally brought in a storyline for Bratva, because 1) Russians are badass and 2) we’ve always wondered how did Oliver fit into Bratva from the beginning of the show. We truly needed some kind of an explanation. And it’s a way better storyline than some hocus pocus black magic.
What I didn’t like about the episode is the fact that there has been almost zero character development and it’s the fifth year of the show! Oliver is still always running late, Lance is yet again a drunk, Thea doesn’t have any storyline and … Laurel Lance is the most important thing of the show. I understand very nicely that her death has affected them in a major way, but I’d like the characters to stop crying their eyes out for her. If Laurel Lance/Black Canary is your drinking game, do yourself a favor and change the drinking code.
Chad Coleman was a nice touch, he plays a villain called Tobias Church. I’ve watched Chad in The walking dead and he is a good guy there, so it was interesting seeing that dinamic!
I do feel like they’ve added a lot of new characters for the first episode, though. Maybe a bit too much.
The police is corrupted, so we got a clip of those cops. I like the idea behind this, because corruption is in fact a thing and I like that they’ve included a major social problem in a show.
The part where Oliver “facetimes/skypes” Diggle was without a doubt the best and “cutest” part of the episode, simply because everybody loves Dig. He gives Oliver an advice to recruit a new team. I’ll keep on hoping that Dig can someday fit back into that team.
Funny thing is, it feels like Felicity has a new romantic interest, which … Is odd. How long do we give that?
And at the end, the show presented a new villain that shoots arrows. Because apparently 90% of the villains have been trained in archery, nothing weird about that, right?