MacGyver: (S01E03) "AWL"

Was this like the week of cuteness and team cohesiveness or is is like some general, unspoken rule that the partners in buddy cop shows are supposed to be at their optimal wittiness once the third episode rolls around? Whatever the answer…I’m just glad things worked out this way. 
The episode starts out with a rendition of Burn Baby Burn while they try to escape a burning building. Someone one the MacGyver team has an interesting sense of humor. LOL 
They barely escape and this is when we find out that Dalton chats with his father, or rather his father’s headstone after near death experiences. This is also where we find out that MacGyver has a tumultuous relationship with his father and Dalton is trying to get them to reconcile. But there’s no time for that because they have a mission. 
Their mission (that they chose to accept) was to thwart yet another terrorist attack by capturing the person who banks for the Division 77 terrorist organization. When Dalton sees the image of the guy he immediately dubs him punch face. When we meet the guy…we find out why…he’s a complete douche.
Long story short, the team works really well together…witty comments and all. Punch face has a near death experience of his own and though, at first, he seems like he might be less douchey…he survives and the douchebaggery continues.  
This episode is totally cute because we get to see more of MacGyver and Dalton’s relationship. By the end of the episode MacGyver does start a letter to his father. Hoping to see how that progresses for this reboot. I’ve been totally meh about this series so far but I think this episode sold me to watch for the rest of the season. 
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