Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E03): "Coral Palms pt. 3"

Review: After having escaped from jail, Holt and Jake are officially on the run! They’re all over the news, which is making it hard for them to go unnoticed. At the first sign of trouble – at the mini food-mart, where the sales guy sees their mug shots on the news – Holt and Jake make a run for it, leaving without their drinks and body spray. They climb over a fence and while this seems like a good idea at first, it ends with Holt’s leg being impaled on a metal pipe. 
The Nine-Nine, meanwhile, is packing their guns and snacks for their trip to Florida. Well that, and 4,000 essential pics of Charles’s son he just has to show Jake. But then, Terry barges in and tells the squad that their new captain is still not letting them go to Florida. Not even after Terry flexed his pecs to convince him. Thanks, Amy! Amy herself is still determined to get everyone to Florida. And everyone also involves Gina, who’s comes in completely covered in everything she needs for a relaxing flight, including a neck pillow and the Ambien she’s already taken. But then Terry spills more bad news: instead of a flight, they’re going to have to settle for a road trip! 
The road trip goes about as well as to be expected; they only crash the car once on their way to the big Nine-Nine reunion! And while they’re all excited for it, the reunion they’re – we’re – truly waiting for, is the one between Amy and Jake. And so are they. So much so that Jake is really worried about it despite his excitement. And it doesn’t help that the first time they see each other again begins with an Amy’s fist on Jake’s throat! Not as fun as it sounds.
After Jake recovers, the Nine-Nine gets straight to work. Jake shares his plan with them to lure Figgis to the Fun Zone and then arrest him. As the squad – minus Holt and Gina – get ready to head out to the Fun Zone, Amy and Jake get a moment alone. They try to take advantage of it right away, but “alone” isn’t really alone, as Charles picks that moment to announce that this would be Jake and Amy’s first kiss in months. No pressure, though. But Amy and Jake still feel everyone’s eyes on them and their own Fun Zone is postponed. 
At the actual Fun Zone, after everyone’s created fun, background noises, Jake calls Figgis, who is of course played by Eric Roberts! It works splendidly, as Figgis immediately figures out where Jake must be.
It doesn’t take long for Figgis to arrive. When he does, Jake is waiting for him with his gun, prepared to arrest him. Until Officer Jerry from Parks & Recreation shows up, still determined to catch Jake as Larry. He forces Jake to drop his gun, despite Jake’s protests. But this backfires on the officer, as Figgis shoots him as soon as he takes his eyes off him. Figgis then takes Jake away, revealing his plan to use Jake to make sure he gets out of there safely. 
Meanwhile, the rest of the squad is being detained at the Fun Zone by another officer. Rosa masterfully tricks him and gets the upper hand, leaving room for Amy to escape and find Jake. Then, approaching Jake and Figgis, she urges Figgis to let Jake go. He refuses, threatening to kill Jake if she doesn’t put her gun down…
And this is when Jake and Amy get back in sync. Sort of. Jake nods, which means “shoot me” in Jake-glish, apparently. But Amy gets it and shoots him in the leg, forcing Figgis to run to his car. And he’s about to slip away from them, when Gina and Holt save the day. While Amy and Jake had trouble getting back to how they were, this was not an issue for Gina and Holt.
Left behind as the squad tries to catch Figgis, they gossip and catch up until they decide to help everyone out anyway. Despite Holt still being in excruciating pain. Somehow, they manage to drive to the Fun Zone together by involving Holt’s bum and an excellent bit of team work. Right on time to hit Figgis’s car with their truck, apprehending him in the process! “Young Jeezy take the wheel”, indeed!
Having caught Figgis, this is the perfect time for everyone to celebrate. Which Jake and Amy finally do with an adorable kiss and Rosa does by reading a letter from Pimento to Figgis. Something about wanting to rip his skin off. Yikes.