Once Upon A Time: (S06E03) “The Other Shoe”

Just when you thought you know the story of Cinderella in every way possible, once upon a time gave it a new meaning by reinventing its story. The untold story of Cinderella was the theme of this episode. It turned out that Cinderella did something in the past that she’s not proud of. She thought that Clorinda was going to marry the Prince when she saw them laughing at the royal ball. She was about to leave and go to the land of untold story when Clorinda came to her room to tell her that she’s running away with the Prince’s footman, Jacob. Her mother asked about her to Cinderella and threatened to break the glass shoe, her proof that she attended the ball and was the girl the Prince danced with, if she will not tell her as where Clorinda was going. Cinderella ratted out on her stepsister, Clorinda, to her stepmother to have her own happy ending. Her stepmother forced Clorinda to go with her to the land of untold stories to pause and swear to come back when the world make sense again. 
I watched “The Price of Gold”, Cinderella’s first appearance from season 1, after seeing this episode. It made sense as to why there is a lot to tell. They never got the chance to show the twist to her story until now. This is not your typical Cinderella story.
While Cinderella was busying making amends for what she did, Emma is still dealing with her tremors and vision. It’s a good thing that she’s making the most out of her life by finally deciding to take the next step with Hook by asking him to move in with her. David made a deal with Gold to know more about his father’s death through the coin in exchange of him bringing a recorded tape to Belle. Snow White wanted her life back to normal. She wanted to be a princess and a teacher. Dr Jekyll and Dr Whale (Frankenstein) helped Regina and the Charmings to find a way to defeat the Evil Queen. Regina tried to talk to Zelena about saving her from her other half. The Evil Queen is still on her quest to have the untold stories played out for her benefit. 
Additional notes:

  • So far, the season didn’t disappoint. Everything have their own stories and problems to solve, even the dwarfs.
  • Speaking of dwarfs, they managed to save Dopey from being a tree. With this knowledge, it was shown that everyone can be a savior to everybody else and always not waiting for Emma to do everything.
  • I love how low key Gold is. I know he will make surprise in the future episodes but right now, he’s busy with getting back Belle.
  • Although the Evil Queen didn’t manage to have Cinderella’s ending badly, she got Mr. Hyde’s alliance.
  • I know this is most likely won’t happen, but I had a dream about the Evil Queen and Regina merging back and it’s a fight on who is it going to be, and the Evil Queen won.

 Favorite Line from the episode:
                “Everything in life is uncertain, but, sometimes you have to walk out the door and hope there’s not a bus.” – Emma Swan