Shameless (S07E02) "Swipe, Fuck, Leave"

Review: Yet another wildly fun episode of Shameless, filled with inappropriate, amusing and grossly humored scenes that had me either smiling or laughing the entire time. I mean that’s what Shameless is all about right?
Things picked up right where they left off last episode, with Fiona trying to get Frank out of her room. But she isn’t letting Frank’s shenanigans get to her head this time. Fiona is taking a calmer more settled approach at her problems. She’s now fully committed  to managing Patsy’s Pie, well the owner threatened to shut the place down if she didn’t. But after hiring 2 new waitress and getting rid of those switching their shifts at will, Fiona has found much contentedness with her new position despite lower pay. She’s also discovered Tinder and uses it as a new way to satisfy her sexual needs without getting into dysfunctional relationships. Fiona seems to be getting her shit together…..but how long will it last?
Frank has never been a shy away from a fucked up scenario. Hiring men to build brick walls at the top of both staircases, preventing Fiona, Lip, Ian, Carl (and Debbie?) from getting upstairs. Lip is slowly realizing that the more he drinks, the more alike to Frank he becomes. He starts work as a junior intern at a tech company, but there seems to be something shady and evidently illegal going on there. Well, this is Shameless, so of course there is. Let’s just hope Lip can capitalize on this companies shadiness to his benefits.
Debbie and Carl’s plots had some very intense moments. I feel we are just moments away from Debbie getting busted for stealing strollers. Carl was intensely struggling to keep his penis in facile state post-circumcision. With attractive ladies everywhere he turns this plotline is a solid example of why teenagers should not have circumcisions. Luckily his penis made it out alive but I am still worried about the condition it is in post-recovery. He must’ve broken his stitches like 3 times!
Much controversy surrounding the writers this season as fans are rebelling against rumors Ian will be exploring his sexuality. Well Ian did much exploring here tonight. Ian confronted Caleb and discovered that he didn’t believe he was cheating on Ian if it was with a woman. Caleb claimed that no one is one hundred percent anything, when Ian said he was one hundred percent gay. Ian, in an effort to test the theory, slept with a woman, and hated every second of it. The scene was a little unusual and because it was Ian it made it so funny! Even better, Ian, Carl and Lip are all consulting each other throughout the episode, which leads to a lot of nice moments between them. It made the family feel really normal for those few scenes.
Caleb’s feelings about sleeping with women brings up the topic of bisexuality, which Ian uses as a deal breaker. I think it’s strange that the writers chose to introduce Caleb’s bisexuality and his infidelity at the same time. It only reinforces stereotypes, and the character’s reasoning seems strange and out of character. Maybe we will see Caleb again? I think not.
In other news, Kev has come up with a business plan which involves V and Svetlana topless, and an old lady cleaning. Also, Liam speaks! The episode ends with Frank fleeing as Fiona in rage breaks down his brick wall. So I guess Frank is Homeless once again.
Score: 7.5 out of 10