White: Melody of Death

White Melody of Death is a South Korean thriller/horror film about a group of up and coming female music stars called Pink Dolls looking to make it big and after one of them find a unowned vhs music video tape entitled White she  present to there music manger to see if they can preform. Unknown to the manger the music video is  actually cursed and strange things start to happen.
White Melody of Death is a very simple horror/thriller movie. The film is both interesting and intriguing with the story being told but the big problem is the film hardly dose anything new. Everything that happen in the film you probably seen done  in better films.What the film dose offer in terms of a ghost story is very straight forward we see the music group grow when they perform the song in popularity and then the ghost starts by attacking them one by one.
The story was the main draw in for me with this film I found the concept of music group being haunted by a ghost interesting  especially with the ghost itself originating from a vhs tape which made me think of The Ring a little.
The film like most ghost story’s builds up until it’s big climax which I do feel this film did have. I did enjoy how intense the film got as it was wrapping up.
Overall White Melody of Death  was a ok film with a interesting plot and characters.  but could have been better if the film had offered more instead of playing it straight.
2 1/2 out 5