The Big Bang Theory (S10E04) “The Cohabitation Experimentation”

Review: Amy needs a place to stay when her house is flooded because of a burst water pipe. She convinces Sheldon that it would be a good experiment to live together for the 5 weeks that she can’t go back to her apartment. Sheldon hesitantly accepts this and they start living together in Penny’s apartment, while Penny and Leonard finally have some alone time across the hall. The first night of sleeping in the same bed doesn’t go great, with Sheldon snoring (or whatever he was doing) and Amy even ends up on the floor. She rather wants to stop living together, but for the sake of their experiment they decide (after a heated argument) to keep living together.
I liked this storyline, especially the ending was very funny. It should be interesting to see what happens in the next 5 weeks of Sheldon and Amy living together because it is a big step for both characters. I also really loved the scene where both Penny and Leonard were dancing.

Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette are not sure if they want to find out the sex of the baby. At first they’re sure that they don’t want to know, but when Raj tells them that he does know, things get complicated. They spend all night calling Raj, but hang up just when he picks up the phone because they change their minds again.
The B-plot has been done a lot on other shows and wasn’t very interesting. I also wonder when Raj is finally going to get his own storyline. We are four episodes in and not once has he been more than a side character in somebody else’s story. I find it weird that none of the girls he’s supposedly still dating has come up yet. It’s not like I enjoy his love triangle storyline, but it should be mentioned at some point (and hopefully gets resolved in one episode).
Anyway, this episode had some really funny moments and overall I enjoyed it!
Rating: 8.5/10