Lucifer (S02E03) "Sin-Eater"

It’s always awkward when your mother walks in and comments on your performance just when you’re about to go in for the money shot. Lucifer lets his mother stay in his penthouse while he figures out what to do with her. Unfortunately it kind of interferes with his sex life. Lucifer decides to go to work instead to get away from his mother going to a crime scene where a victim was roasted alive (the crotch being the most flammable; hot pants!). At first it seems easy as the person they suspect admits to the murder which was revenge for posting a video online: the victim set a poor intern’s crotch on fire as a prank while on retreat then posted it on the company website Wobble. Lucifer’s mother then surprises him at work, charming all the detectives and beat cops with her heavenly hotness to Lucifer’s embarrassment. Seeing as Chloe still sees the Goddess as the defense lawyer Charlotte she doesn’t suspect anything except why Lucifer hasn’t hit on her yet. Mom doesn’t understand why her son, the Devil, is helping in law enforcement (and also she’s baffled by the eating and results of eating of humans). However they find another body but the victim was strapped to a sex chair, wearing a Catholic School girl uniform with apples stuffed down his gullet. Yeesh! Apparently the newest victim posted a revenge porn video on Wobble after his Catholic School teacher girlfriend dumped him. As a result she was fired then she killed herself out of shame. So that rules out the guy who confessed since he was in custody.
Meanwhile Maze and Dr. Martin have some girl talk at the bar at Lux. Maze takes baby step towards independence but she’s still concerned with Lucifer’s well being not trusting his manipulative mother. Maze decides to get Amenadiel to help who is at his fake office drowning his sorrows in fine wine and Chinese take out. His time freezing powers are getting worse. Maze knocks but breaks down the door just as Amenadiel is frantically vacuuming his wilted feathers from the floor. Luckily Maze just thinks the hot angel is having rebound sex (not like he couldn’t with those looks and that angelic charm of his wings or no wings). Amenadiel offers to help Lucifer about his new “toxic” liaison with some woman even though Maze didn’t say that it was the Goddess of all Creation. Lucifer decided to take a break from the case given that since it was a serial killer punishing the guilty he didn’t see why he should interfere with someone’s good work. But he goes to Lux and finds his mother dancing on tables discovering human debauchery. Mom still doesn’t understand why Lucifer is in law enforcement and thinks that it’s because it’s what his father wanted and that he’s still trying to win his approval. Lucifer gives his mother the evil eye then decides to go back to work in order to catch the serial punisher and find out why he tortures people so Lucifer can figure out why the Devil tortures as well.
Amenadiel stops by Lucifer’s penthouse but runs into his mother instead. It’s a very tense moment but Amenadiel looks more sad and surprised than angry that Lucifer didn’t tell him about their mother. Am I the only one who thinks Mom is manipulating everyone using “Mother’s Guilt”? Chloe meanwhile is dealing with issues with her ex, Dan as Lucifer points out that their discord was affecting the people around him (mainly himself but Chloe thinks about Trixie). Chloe and Lucifer come to the conclusion that a moderator at Wobble decided to take matters into their own hands and punish those who put up hurtful videos. Lucifer reasons that a moderator who’s seen so much evil decided enough was enough making something snap which he was kind of describing himself as not inherently evil but broken. This leads Lucifer to conclude that none of the current moderators who still have hope are the killers. Chloe and Lucifer think it’s Leila Simms, one of the creators of Wobble is the serial killer but she was kidnapped. The killer announces that he’s going to film Leila’s execution in one hour and the police trace the IP address to Wobble’s building of servers. The killer was Leila’s assistant who is ready to set Leila on fire but Lucifer distracts him by getting him to confess as to why he really punishes people. The killer punishes because he likes it and in turn Lucifer discovers the same of himself while Chloe extinguishes the killer’s fire. After the killer is in cuffs, Chloe and Dan talk and Dan thinks it’s time they get a divorce. Lucifer goes home and is surprised by Amenadiel. Fortunately Amenadiel didn’t drag Mom back to Hell but Lucifer tells his mother the reason he punishes is because he likes giving people what they deserve which leads him to design the perfect punishment for his Mother: life as human Charlotte with her husband and children, which is torture for Mom. However, Mom gets attacked on her way home that night. BUT turns out although she has a human body Mom still has her divine super strength and kills her mugger. Uh-Oh.
“Sin-Eater” gets an A+! These episodes just keep getting better. They have perfect flow and rhythm to characters and plot lines. Since Mom discovered that she still has some of her old power as a divinity I hope that leaks into Chloe and Lucifer’s cases in some episodes as I assume since Mom is trying to win her children over so she can dethrone her ex and wipe out humanity. Lucifer did say that Judgement Day was only a few years away…