Scorpion: (S03E03) "It Isn't the Fall that Kills You"

The episode opens with Walter flying through the sky. Then it flashes back to 12 hours earlier where Sylvester, Toby, and Walter are practicing guided meditation. Happy is at work on something. Cabe comes in and asks what’s going on. Then Tim and Paige come in.
Walter has created a whiteboard with everyone on Team Scorpion and where they go all day and Walter finds a way to avoid Paige and Tim. He calls Tim the interloper. LOL!
Someone comes in and talks about launching their first person into space. He is saying there are some instability issues. Sylvester assures him it should work. The guy needs the team to fix it. Tim is of the essence and he will pay a premium.
Team Scorpion heads to where the rocket is to work on the problem. The guy promises Team Scorpion good publicity if they can fix the problem. Happy says their engineers made a mistake causing the instability.
Walter is in the rocket but he took out his communication device so he can’t hear them when they hear that a storm is coming. Walter needs to get out of there. Lightning strikes the rocket and it is going to launch.
Walter closes the hatch. He crawls to a seat and straps himself him in. I guess Walter is going to space. Sure enough. The rocket launches. Happy was on her way there in a pickup and says not good.
The team is worried about Walter. He hits the alarm button and the system reboots. Toby says the next problem is atmospheric pressure. If he doesn’t get that handled, his blood will boil. Paige asks if Walter can breathe in there. The answer is not for long. The team asks the guy if there is an abort button and then the rocket falls back to earth safely. That brings us to the next problem is that he may not have time to abort before the computer reboots.
The computer reboots. They hit abort from the control room. Walter tries to talk to the team. Walter gets a message that says parachute malfunction.
Toby gets medical info from the seat and Walter is still alive. Walter is however reaching space and the capsule is detaching from the launching equipment. Walter will die as the rocket crashes back to earth as it will run out of fuel in 26 hours and Walter doesn’t have a parachute.
They need to talk to the Russian consulate to stop and pick up Walter.
Sylvester notices that the capsule was damaged during takeoff and he cannot communicate with them. However, Walter finds his communication device but it doesn’t work at that distance. They talk about getting a plane in the air so they can communicate with Walter. Happy steals a reporter’s van right in the middle of the reporter speaking because of its communication equipment.
Paige and Tim go to the consulate and the Russian asks for recognition as saving Walter. They agree.
Cabe and Happy are on the plane. Cabe says he has to make an uncomfortable call to the white house. LOL!
Walter is able to talk to the team. Toby tells Walter that the guy wants his rocket back. The team tells Walter the Russian spacecraft will pick him up. Walter has figured out that he only has about 25 hours of oxygen left. Then Walter hears a strange noise. Walter is floating around the rocket. Toby notices that there are low oxygen levels in the rocket. Toby says Walter is hearing the noises because of oxygen deprivation. Toby says Walter won’t last the 25 hours. Walter hallucinates Paige in the cargo hold.
Toby tries to tell Walter to sit down and conserve energy but Walter can’t process what he is hearing. Walter tells Paige he has learned to control himself when he hears something inaccurate and he learned how to give compliments. “Paige” says she knows he remembers what her kisses feel like. Walter says he can still surprise her. He hits a button and music plays and he and Paige are suddenly in evening wear and they dance. Sadly though, Walter’s oxygen is running out at an alarming rate. Walter sees Tim at an outside window and he sends Tim back into outer space. Then Walter and Paige kiss. Toby knows how embarrassed Walter would be if he knew they could see this. He might want to stay in space. LOL!
Cabe tries to speak to Walter but Toby says that won’t work. Paige comes in and Toby says only Paige can get through to Walter. She gets the picture and says oh boy. Toby says you only have a few minutes or he dies. Toby tells Paige she can do it. Paige tells everyone out and this is a private conversation between her and Walter. She says you too Happy I can hear you over the mike.
Paige responds to Walter’s conversation with imaginary Paige. They are enjoying baked Alaska for dessert. Paige tells Walter to pull the blue lever so he can show her how to make this at home. Walter says he is confused. Paige says it’s because you don’t have enough oxygen. Walter says no, it’s not that. He is surprised she picked Tim. Walter thought Paige would eventually choose him. Walter tell Paige he loves her and  Paige tells Walter she loves him. He just has to pull that lever and they will be together forever. Real Paige is crying. Walter gets to the lever.
Paige lets the others in and tells them he pulled the lever. Tim asks Paige what she told him. Paige said whatever he needed to hear to get the job done. However, Walter passes out and he is in big trouble. They need to get Walter out of the capsule. But then he will be falling to earth with no parachute. Cabe gets into a parachute so he can get out and catch Walter.
Tim volunteers to eject Walter. Ha ha ha ha. Walter hangs onto the handle a second longer than necessary as he imagines it to be Paige’s hand. Sylvester says now it will be impossible for Cabe to catch him. Walter wakes up pretty quickly in space and asks what happened. They tell him that Cabe is coming for him. They tell Cabe to try some different things to alter his trajectory to catch Walter. They catch each other and then they lose each other.
Tim finds out that they have a submarine that can catch Cabe and retrieve Walter. Paige doesn’t like that. They figure out a way to create an underwater explosion in the ocean to cushion the water so it won’t crush Walter, otherwise if Walter would hit the water normally, it would be like hitting concrete. Walter enters the water. Team Scorpion is praying. There are divers to get him. Yay! He is alive! Team Scorpion high fives.
Walter is in bed but he is awake. It has been five days. Paige is taking care of him giving him his medicine. He is working on his computer and Paige tells him he should be resting. Paige asks him about his memory. He claims not to remember what happened on the capsule. Toby tells Paige she shouldn’t encourage him to remember as Walter is trying to move on. Paige defends herself saying she is trying to evaluate Walter’s brain as they need it. Yeah right. She is not a scientist.
The guy who recruited them for the job is at Team Scorpion headquarters talking to Walter. Walter says he calculated the odds and said he decided that staying inside the capsule was his best choice. Even this guy is getting in the act on trying to tell Walter that Paige has moved on and he can’t cling to Paige because if he doesn’t they might not be able to bring him home next time.
Toby is hunting Happy’s husband on the internet. Walter says he is going to the restaurant Emma’s for baked Alaska. He says ever since he got back, he can’t get that dessert out of his head. Paige looks a little alarmed at this and that is the end of the episode.
This was an exciting episode. It almost gave me another heart attack. What about you? Did you like the episode?