The Strain (S03E07) “Collaborators”

Review: Warning, this review contains spoilers. After the final scene of “The Battle of Central Park” I was expecting to see a mega apocalyptic episode:  bloodbath on the streets, chaos, the city on fire, strigois everywhere…none of that happened. “Collaborators” was a slow episode but  good.

Eph, Dutch and Quinlan go to the JFK Airport to recover the black box from Regis Air 753. They hope the box provides them a point of reference of the Master’s silent voice, that way they’d be able to isolate it and track him. Once they leave the safe zone we can see the status of the city is chaotic but not as much as expected. Of course, they find the box. At that’s all that happens. I wonder if they will be able to track the Master.

strain1 - The Strain (S03E07) “Collaborators”

Duncan — Palmer’s new head of security — informs Eldritch that The Aurora Cutlass arrived. Palmer asks to see the cargo manifest, which only says “tractors” and “spare parts” and it  is sign by himself. His sign was forged and Eldritch is not happy about this, so he demands to be taken to the ship but when he arrives the guards denies him access. He comes back later with a group of armed men, decided to take the ship but when they arrive everyone is dead and the ship is empty.

Now, my favorite duo: Fet and Setrakian go on their own trip to visit another pawnbroker specialized in silver. Well, they don’t go to visit the guy, they go to take the silver. On their way Fet makes a stop to check on his parents and finds out they are dead. They had been infected and decided to took their lives rather than turning into strigois.

fet scene - The Strain (S03E07) “Collaborators”

At MacTamney, Fet tells Setrakian that his father is not the first one in his family to commit suicide, his grandfather took his life, too. There’s a flashback about Fet’s grandpa. He was an Ukrainian soldier, conscripted by the Nazis and forced to work for them, killing Jews.

At the end, Setrakian and Fet meet with Palmer. He informs them about the Aurora, and tells them whatever was inside the boat is an important piece of the Master’s plan. Setrakian arrives to the conclusion that it’s very likely that the Master had reached to some kind of accord with three Old Ancients and brought them to the city to help him.

strain2 - The Strain (S03E07) “Collaborators”