Timeless (S01E02) "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"

If you were to go back to the day President Lincoln got shot, would you let it happen or save him?
We jump back moments from previous episode as Lucy sees her mother alive and well but her sister is no longer exist. She gets a call as Flynn just went back again, this time to April 14 1865 the night that President Lincoln gets shot.
There, Lucy wears a nice causal dress and Wyatt and Rufus wears the Union Army uniforms. They traced where Booth would go, checking his mail at the theater for one and that’s where Lucy meets up with Robert Lincoln and the two kind of hit it off.
As they followed Booth, he lead them to where he would have his conspiracy meetings and who spots them, Flynn and guns were firing. With Wyatt down, Rufus performing surgery to get the bullet, Lucy tries to make sure that Grant gets on the train, but the train had malfunction and Grant and Robert are going to the play.
Robert takes Lucy as her guest and she along with Rufus and Wyatt, take a gun to spot at least one from getting killed. Would it be that bad to stop Booth from shooting Lincoln? Would the world be better if he was saved? But this is Timeless and things do have to stay the course one way or another.
As Booth was trying to head to Ford’s Theater, he wouldn’t listen to Flynn, so he had to knock him out and do it himself. He gets up there and sees Lucy and shoots the President in the head but she saves Grant from being killed along with Wyatt and Rufus saving the Vice President and Secretary of State too.
As Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus comes back, only little has changed: Rufus didn’t get credit saving the VP, as it was his body guard. Lucy who went with the name Juliette Shakesman, who saved Grant from being killed gets a school named after her, which is nice.
But Lucy gets her answers about her sister, the events that happen at the Hindenburg, changed her family history as her mother and father have never been married nor met before. So that had her asking her mother at what seems to be her engagement party to a guy that she has no clue what so ever.
There are even more questions being asked, who’s Rittenhouse and why the hell have they pissed off Flynn and wanting recordings of where Lucy and the others go? We know that Flynn is trying to save America, from I don’t know what, maybe everything in history was a complete setup from a group called Rittenhouse.
I’d enjoyed this episode very much. Even though it started off the same, the wondering if history would be better if Lincoln was saved was a good thoughtful theme question. It did keep me engaged throughout the episode, mostly the saving of the VP, Secretary of State and Grant as it was like watching an action movie.
Spencer gives a really good emotional aspect, mostly when she meets Lincoln and seeing her after the assassination. I mean wouldn’t we all want to meet a great man like Lincoln and hear some awesome stories?
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