Bull: (S01E03) “Unambiguous”

The trial science expert is back with week, preparing the perfect jury for Reese Burton; a woman accused of  murdering her rapist and Hudson University star athlete,  Mike Tasker.  This cold case is reopened when, citizen journalist Ellen Huff, host of “Open and Shut” pulls listeners into her podcast by strongly implying …actually points a finger at Reese as the murderess. After old tapes of a conversation regarding this crime by an anonymous caller (Reese) surface and DNA evidence later links her; Reese is arrested.
After convincing Reese she needs him, Bull begins the process of stopping the podcast. With everybody listening, an unbiased jury selection is impossible.  Ellen’s podcast interviews are subpoenaed; she goes to jail, citing journal privilege and the podcast stop, temporarily. While  Ellen’s in jail, TAC attempts to change the court of public opinion of Reese, through their own means of social media.
What I find most interesting about Bull and his TAC force is their focus. In each case so far, they seek those who are open minded and abstract in their thinking enough to say,’ummm,”what if and why not?”  They secure jurors with an emotional type of empathy, “standing in your shoes”, “been there, done that” and an unspoken connection to the defendant. Love the questions. This week it was the Abstract painting vs. the Still Life.  Those who like the Still Life could be rigid and not open to other possibility.  They’re stuck on what it looks like, not what it could be. I have my  own answer to “how do you catch a cold?” for example, from the 1st episode. “You don’t.” This is my favorite part of the show, the seemingly nonsensical questions.
This episode moved a little slow for me; maybe too slow.  With knowing the obvious outcome a stronger twist in the process of how ya’ got there, works better for me .  Although I must say, the demise of Ellen was a nice twist…never saw it coming.   And that’s the kind of stuff I like. Like Perry Mason, we all know he is the quintessential lawyer and always wins in the end, yet the capture is within the web of intrigue.  Yet, Bull ain’t no lawyer, right?