Chicago Fire (S05E01): "The Hose or the Animal"

Everything seems complete now that Chicago Fire is back. After leaving us with a cliff hanger at the end of Season 4, the writers have done it again with the end of “The Hose or the Animal.”
The fate of Grant is unknown to us, but we can expect a lot of drama in the upcoming episode. How will Kelly be affected by this act of violent protection?
The Chief’s job is also up in the air. I don’t expect anything really serious to become of this plot – as in, I don’t think the Chief will loose his job – but it will offer great character development for the characters involved.
Louie’s return to Chicago Fire makes me so happy. I can’t wait to see how Dawson and Matt take on this new life as a family. I can already see their great parental qualities.
This episode packed a lot into an hour, but it was well paced and easy to follow along. I loved seeing characters from Chicago PD and Chicago Med make their way into the show briefly as well.
Judging from this season premier, season five is going to be a great one for Chicago Fire. It will be filled with different relationships, family issues, secret writing projects, and most importantly, great storytelling.