The Blacklist (S04E03) "Miles McGrath"

Mr. Kaplan’s fate is revealed, and Red regains some swagger.

Hey Blacklisters, sorry for this very late review. I was pulled away on other matters.
With that, the next victim of Red’s list…
We start our episode off with the quick death of three security guards that patrol the site of an electrical grid guided by a seemingly covert ops teams being led by an equally ominous shadow man who likes Red Bull.
Following that cold opening, we see Tom and Liz hounding Ressler for info on Agnes. While they see fruit from their pleas to look at the evidence seized from Kirk’s house, Liz is met with a warm welcome back from Aram and a cold shoulder from Navabi.
Red and Liz finally have a chat and she’s met with a mix of emotions from Red. He’s already hot on the trail of Kirk (with Red dropping the name of the man helping him, Miles McGrath) but also is fairly angry with Liz. Still begs the question as to what happened to Mr. Kaplan from the last episode…
When the team meets up, we learn that the shadowy character in the beginning is Miles McGrath, a venture capitalist turned criminal who essentially bankrolls criminals who have “good ideas”.
Finally, what all fans were hoping to see, the fate of Mr. Kaplan. As the last episode’s final seconds told us, she’s alive, but gravely injured…
Unfortunately, due to a series of Scotland Yard agents being made, the best chance of finding Agnes was gone the moment they were made (and subsequently shot), leaving Red and Cooper to use evidence left behind from the agents.
We see a pretty great scene where Liz and Tom have a little heist of some bored government agents, which really shows they are a one of a kind couple, and gives Liz some information about her mother.
Catching up with Mr. Kaplan, we see her possibly disfigured from her time with Raymond last season.
Due to the FBIs efforts to identify Miles’ plan, one of their agents has been assassinated, leaving a perfect in for Tom to go undercover. He’s not only motivated to stay alive, but also angry enough to go after his daughter.
Liz takes some alone time in her bunker to read the diary she stole earlier in the episode and learns that Red was not only being manipulated by Katarina Rostova, or at least that’s how it started. Red used to be the target that she was trying to turn to spy on the American government, but she realized she has feelings for Reddington.
With that, we come to my favorite part of the episode. A train heist! We learn that McGrath had a plan to steal a massive amount of highly contagious diseases that would be transported in the event of a loss of power. However Miles only wanted one sample, #17.
The meet between Miles and Red was especially entertaining. Red is always so charming yet condescending and I can’t help but enjoy every line. With Kirk now in control of the Robowski virus, we see that Kirk might have an additional upper hand on Red.
What I really enjoyed about this episode was that Red was still feeding Liz a name to give to the FBI. That really showed that he still cared for her despite a perceived treason. Another point of interest in this episode was Aram/Navabi phone conversation. She was holding out for Aram to ask her out while he’s actually seeing someone. Rough. Overall, 6.5/10. Not the best episode, but necessary to advance the Rostov story line.