The Flash (S03E02) "Paradox"

Okay even though last weeks episode was good, I have to say that this episode was better a lot better. We got more insight in how Flashpoint messed up the timeline for not just The Flash series but for Arrow and for Legends of Tomorrow series as well, geez Barry can you do one thing and not screw up the timeline anymore please. But you have to see the humor in the writers titling the episodes episode 1 was called Flashpoint and now this episode titled Paradox, which makes Flashpoint Paradox like how that animated Justice League movie was titled that one time that a lot of people called one of the most lame animated movies of all time but anyway I’m getting off topic here. The last thing Cisco needs is more tragedy, but we will get to more of that later. Now I shall review one of the great superhero shows of all time!
In this episode: We see Barry (Grant Gustin) run from Central City to Star City in order to talk to at least one friend who hopes nothing got screwed up with her Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). When Barry arrives at Arrow lair he starts talking incredibly fast and not making any sense not even to Felicity. Felicity begs Barry to slow down and say everything again but slower. So Barry explains everything to Felicity and she asks if anything has changed that he can see, Barry looking at the lair doesn’t see anything wrong but then does a search on Diggle (David Ramsey) to find a picture of Diggle with his son John Diggle Jr. (Which if you all watched Legends of Tomorrow we saw him in the Star City 2046 episode), but Diggle’s daughter Sara was no where to be found in a search which indicates another of the many changes that have been made to the timeline. Felicity then tells Barry he has to go to fix the changes. Barry runs back to Central City to his office at the CCPD to find someone sitting in his lab at another desk. With the name Julian Albert (Tom Felton) on the desk; Barry is then interrupted by Julian saying hes been with the department for a full year and has never liked Barry and will continue to do so under working in the same lab together now.
Barry then goes out of his lab to the basement where there is a grief counseling group happening at the time, where Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is talking about how he has so many great memories of sibling rivalry with his brother Dante, but that he will never again be able to share another memory with his older brother. Cisco then sees Barry and asks him why he’s there; Barry then explains he wants to be there for Cisco but Cisco doesn’t listen and tells him to leave. Barry then goes with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) to a crime scene where there seems to be another “husk” where Julian is already taking samples of it to find out who or what this is. Barry speeds a sample away from Julian to then take the sample to Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) she views the sample but nothing seems to be affected by the dark matter of the particle accelerator. After Cisco leaves the room, Barry asks Caitlin if everything was okay then revealing how Dante died in a car accident. But Barry has an idea of getting Iris (Candice Patton) and Joe to talk again and maybe patch things up with Cisco. Caitlin agrees and Barry then goes to ask if the dinner will be okay with Joe and Iris.
Meanwhile Clariss (Todd Lasance) gets visions of another life that was taken away from him, Doctor Alchemy then tells him to meet him. Clariss then goes to a praising cult that is worshiping this hooded figure that calls himself Alchemy. He asks Clariss if he wants that other life to be real; Clariss says yes and so Alchemy gives him the power of speed back.
Back to the Allen/West dinner with friends, Barry’s plan is then foiled with him explaining how he is trying to get everyone to be okay with everyone. The meta-human detecting app activates and Barry goes to where it detected the meta-human to reveal that its Clariss! Barry and Clariss/The Rival have a short chat which then goes into a chase across the city both yellow and red streaks racing across the city, Barry then tackles The Rival to only have him get away. Barry then goes back to Star Labs where the DNA of the sample reveals its Edward Clariss. But Barry already knew that, and so Iris asks Barry to speak with him for a short moment. Barry wants to tell them the truth but he can’t so instead he tries running back in time again in the speed force he is thrown out of it by Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) who requests to talk to Barry.
Barry and Jay then have a chat and reveals to him how Barry can’t just reset the timeline everytime something bad goes wrong. With that in mind Barry goes back to the timeline he left back to Star Labs where he tells everyone the truth. But everyone is confused until Iris gets it and makes everyone understand by an example like Iris and Joe being okay and still talking. Cisco enraged by Barry trying to fix his own family and not doing it for his best friend Cisco storms off to his private room. Barry then talks to Cisco telling him he can’t go back in time to save Dante no matter how bad he wants to because he doesn’t want Cisco with the weight of a burden like someone elses death on him. Barry then remembers where the last time he fought the Rival in Flashpoint to meet him there at that location. The Rival awaiting for him but with Alchemy; Flash is then getting beat down by Alchemy but The Rival interferes to defeat the Flash. Until Cisco comes with his Vibe gear to help out The Flash both heroes defeat the Rival and have him sent to Iron Heights.
At the end of the episode Cisco is back to his cheery self and Iris and Joe are all back to talking again and Barry feels like everything is going to go well. Caitlin is also tapping into her Killer Frost self by revealing Doctor Alchemy gave her, her cold powers to begin the uprising. Doctor Alchemy then kills Clariss in his jail cell.
Next episode: The Flash (S3E3): Magenta airs Tuesday October 18, 2016
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