Aftermath (S01E03) "In Our Empty Rooms"


A new week, and a new type of threat(s). Not only are there mass vanishings, no blood, no trauma, just emptiness but there are also bone sucking sea goblins (yes, you read that right). As well as an appearance of our winged friend. You never know what the writers are going to throw at you next. Not only does this keep you on your toes, but it also keeps you engaged and wondering what will happen next. 

As the series progresses forward, we see a change in dynamics with the main characters. There is an undeniable, strong female presence in the show. It is refreshing to see these women fight for their lives, instead of resign to the fact that this is the end of the world. The cast comes together nicely, you can tell there is a chemistry there, and as the story continues I am sure each character will continue to come into their own. 

Nowhere is safe from harm, the environment is hostile and no one seems to be spared from this. Where a trip to the grocery store for supplies can end in gunfire, threats, and the untimely death of four trained soldiers. (Thanks to Joshua’s quick thinking).  There is a strong bond with the Copeland’s. No one can get in the way of their family. If one person is threatened, they come together to dispose of whatever challenger comes their way. The message is quite clear, don’t mess with them.

We find out that there may be some strange and mysterious things that have happened to the (now missing) grandfather. There is a definite link with the “sea goblins”, who appear in human form when on dry land. They are thought to be a myth, but as Matt finds out, they are very real. He sheltered and defended one, and because of this he rewarded him with “his greatest wish”. As she disappears, the phone rings and on the other end is Brianna. Alive and well. Finally, maybe now they can be reunited.

I have found that the biggest dangers in this show are not necessarily the otherworldly creatures, or the fever heads. It’s what remains of the rest of human kind. There is something sinister about a religious “cult” (Brianna was taken in by them), and their leader, Reverend Brother (played by the spectacular Adrian Hough). Something is not quite right, but in this show you learn to trust no one.

 Maybe there is a greater reason that the Copeland’s have survived thus far. Maybe it’s something bigger than anyone thought possible. There is more to that story, and I hope it begins to unravel in the episodes to come. 

Rating : 8/10