Chicago PD (S04E04): "Big Friends, Big Enemies"

“Big Friends, Big Enemies” started just as the title suggests – big. A gang war hits the neighborhood of Chicago and causes chaos everywhere.
I think the best part of this episode was watching Kevin’s character development dealing with a case so close to home. I enjoyed seeing Voight interact with Kevin, as well as Kevin and his siblings at the end. However, I was a little confused that Kevin just decided to take them out to dinner, instead of addressing the situation at all.
While this episode mostly focused on the case, we did learn a little bit about how it’s going for Erin and Jay living together – was Erin working overtime to stay out of the house or for the extra money?
Also, I loved seeing how strongly Burgess cares for her friends, even staying at Kevin’s house all day to make sure his brother and sister are okay.
All in all, “Big Friends, Big Enemies” was a fast paced, interesting episode which focused more on plot than character.