Impastor: Buddy's Prayer

In this weeks episode we get to see every main character get some kind of their own story line’s. I really enjoyed that. We got to see Russell and Alden get a little bit closer and bond over Alden’s divorce from Hilva. Russell tries to help, even if Alden doesn’t want his help. We see Dora toughen up and stand up for herself when it comes to her personal and professional lives. I liked seeing Dora like that. It shows that she isn’t always as naive as she first comes off. Even though she still seems naive when it comes to certain things. We also see Alexa and Buddy try to handle a very sticky issue that has to do with her deceased ex boyfriend. I am not sure how exactly that will end for Alexa but I know I can’t wait to see it. So far season two has been great! Make sure to catch up with Impastor before next weeks new episode by using, Hulu, iTunes, and or on Demand.