NCIS: New Orleans: (S03E03) “Man on Fire”

“Man on Fire” the 1987 and 2004 movies are about a rescue in Mexico. And so it is for this episode of NCIS NOLA.  The unauthorized rescue of a Petty Officer from kidnappers in Mexico is the story-line with Gregorio, helping with the rescue. Showcasing her FBI skills;” will do”  “can do” “know how” and “ask me”; the best part comes when she covers for the team. They’re in deep for disobeying a direct order to “stand down” regarding the rescue.  Actually, she seemed almost embarrassed by their gratitude and the fact that she did it at all. Almost; because she doesn’t admit it. Tough girl!
The story begins with the murder of a decorated Petty Officer who is killed inside a sports arena. Further investigation leads the team to a childhood friend who admits that the Officer killed, was helping to rescue their son, another Petty Officer, who was kidnapped in Mexico during a leave.
The story goes quickly. Through teamwork, young Petty Officer Clarkson is rescued and justice for Petty Officer Colin Barrett is served with the arrest of Diego Martinez, the bad guy.
Although the D.C investigation is over and the team has been cleared; Gregorio must stay around to further investigate any cartel activity. She is still an FBI agent and reports to Isler; but Pride decides it’s easier to work with her and to keep her close.  So she is officially asked to join the team. Now she’s up close and personal and can see 1st hand, how they do things down in N’Orleans.  She’s a “by the book girl” and spoiled to the modern techniques and resources of the FBI . It may be fun to watch her adjust to what may be considered, “old school” vs. what she’s used to.
This episode felt like another attempt to integrate Gregorio into NCIS. (the cast) Although I personally still miss Brody and what could have been with Sebastian’s crush, it’s only the 3rd episode, so I’ll stay tuned. She’s such an integral part of the cast now; it may take a little longer for the team  to adjust as well as the viewer.  And the character must feel comfortable in her new setting. She’s taken Brody’s desk so that’s a start.