New Girl (S06E04) "Homecoming"

Jess and the gang are off to New York City to see Schmidt accept an honor at his old high school.
We see the gang arrive from the airport terminal and see Winston discover why it’s called a “red eye” and learn that Jess has the worst luck in NYC. I wouldn’t want to go back after seeing a guy jump in front of a train.
Schmidt’s mom picks everyone up at the airport (Schmidt kiss your brother!), meanwhile Winston and Nick are off for a classic Nick and Winston Mess Around as men of means.
Back at Schmidt’s mom’s house, Schmidt learns that the homecoming party is just a shake down for money. Visibly upset he storms to his room (Reggie’s room? I hate his brother!) and plays Green Day on cassette tape.
In an effort to make him feel better, Jess goes to Schmegelman’s deli to get some extra special soup and man does she let those New Yorkers have it. So much so, she gets Schmidt to roast the jerk high school bullies.
That very next scene, we see the beginning of the awesome crossover event with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. For those who didn’t watch this week’s episode, Jake Peralta commandeers Schmidt’s mom’s car which leads to Jake crashing the car (and losing the soup) and Jess having to spend most of the afternoon filling out paperwork in the precinct.
Nick and Winston meet Det. Boyle (another character from the Nine-Nine) and his son Nikolaj want to help the two in busking. Surprise, surprise! Being men of means meant that the two spent all of their money. Due to Boyle being overly excited about everything, Nick and Winston try to jump over a mound of garbage. Nick wrecks himself on a traffic cone. No surprises there. However, they still get the money from a kind Nikolaj and his unsuspecting father who has no more money in his wallet.
Back at the precinct, Jess makes a startling discovery in front of the Nine-Nine’s captain, Raymond Holt. Her trip ended early and she surprised her boyfriend, Spencer. Yep, Spencer from the pilot episode. (Honestly, “making tacos”? Ew.) In Jess’ mind New York was pushing her to meet the guys and move into the loft.
At Schmidt’s reunion, we get pretty much what we expected; Schmidt embarrassing himself. It’s okay though because Cece goes and really shows those east coast dorks whats what by naming things in California. TAKE THAT.
Let the credits roll and… there is Coach. Who we totally expected to see. Now that he lives in New York. Heh…
I don’t do this often, but this was an amazing episode. The crossover was fantastic and not at all hokey as some can be, and the characters that came to New Girl were written very well. Kudos to the actors involved for taking the time. Plot and comedy were pretty even and there was some cool backstory on the New Girl pilot. Solid 9/10.