American Horror Story: (S06E05) "Chapter 5"

This weeks episode of AHS brought us to the end of Matt and Shelby’s story. Or so we think but we’ll have to find out what happens now that the couple are finally off the colonies land. But this major twist and finale didn’t come without some challenges with the producers successfully making audiences cringe with disgust at a few parts once again.

However, this episode surprisingly tied up some lose ends I thought would only be solved further into the season. We first learned about the original owner of the house, which welcomed the long awaited arrival of the beloved Evan Peters. We also got to learn about the doctor who we thought died in the woods due to arrows being shot through his chest. But after watching ‘that’ scene, one would have wished the man stayed dead the first time. Also we learned about the abandoned house Matt and Shelby found earlier on in the season where the two savage boys were discovered. I honestly thought those boys story would never be told but at least we know their family now.

The show succeeded in keeping it gruesome but it was much more similar to the old AHS that i thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know how they’ll continue but I’m excited to see what happens now/