Arrow: (S05E02) "The Recruits"

Review: I don’t know if you can tell, but Diggle is by far my favorite character in Arrow, so I loved the scene of him as a Sergeant. He is a badass soldier and I love the fact that the show didn’t ignore the character, even though he is away!
Oliver is recruting a new team, which we knew from the title of the episode and from the … entire storyline of the previous episode. It might not be a bad idea! I already like the training. It shows the “older” version of the Arrow, which cares about making results, not about being soft!
And while he is training the team, we get the Russian flashbacks that show Oliver’s personal training once upon a time, which is actually really cool! He even used his own training for the training of the team Arrow.
Something that isn’t cool at all: the show is still crying and obsessing over Laurel Lance, as if she was their personal angel and savior … MOVE ON.
Felicity’s new romantic interest yet again seems unusual and I don’t know whether we should get used to it or not. At least there’s no Olicity drama at the moment, so that was a good decision nonetheless. For now, at least.
New characters are normally villains and so is the lady that is working with Oliver aka the mayor … And Diggle faces a struggle in the army, as well.  Can’t say we’re surprised. But every show needs its drama.
I need to complain yet again. Just as the show didn’t move on from Laurel Lance … Well, neither did they move on from Damien Darhk or weird magic-ish.
Prometheus … Who is Prometheus?
The start of the new season is a bit mediocre, but it’s definitely better than the entire previous season. I hope it stays that way!