Black-ish (S03E03) “40 Acres and a Vote”

Review: Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Lawd, I needed that laugh. Ok, so this episode opens with Dre taking a “sick day” to pick the right song for his slide show of the Obama’s ventures while in the White House. Of course you can imagine Bow’s reaction to this and she decides enough is enough and just walks away from him. We then get a quick history from previous elections leading to the current one. Not Clinton and Trump, but the Valley Glen Student Elections 2016. Junior (Jr.) is running in the election and Dre has taken it upon himself to make sure that the world knows that the future of the world rests on Junior.
In case you are wondering Johan is still around and still giving his AMAZING advice (rolls eyes). Bow realizes that her polling location has changed and doesn’t think too much into it until Pops states they changed it for a reason. In walks Johan who claims the elections are rigged, always are and always have been is pretty much the gist of his gibberish.
If you thought the Obama slideshow was at an end, it’s not. Dre brings the slideshow to work and shows it to Charlie, when in walks Mr. Stevens. They close they laptop, but not before he sees them and asks what they’re doing. Then ensues a very uncomfortable conversation about Obama. The scene switches to Junior who is making a poster for his candidacy and Dre asks him how his campaigning is going, which apparently is going horrible. Dre informs him it’s time to roll up their sleeves and Junior then removes a few clothing articles to reveal that he has on a flared pants suit, which apparently he wore to his campaign at school. After Junior informs them he didn’t realize it was women’s suit and that if he had been in the appropriate clothing he would have won and been the first black president in school. Dre has an epiphany and knows just how to win Junior the election.
How you ask, Dre plans on using “black cool” to get Junior his presidency. Yeah, I laughed too, so after Juniors speech he drops the mic and starts dancing to “Panda”, which he then drops his phone while dancing and the song switches to “Fireflies”. Fail. So the next option, you ask. “White Guilt”, well it worked for all of five minutes, until a flyer stating that Junior rigged the election. This makes Junior drop out the election after he realizes that all this campaigning turned him into a person he’s not, until he sees his opponent going off on the janitor and after the polls go through. Junior wins the election!!
This episode was a hit and miss. I am not a political person, as in I don’t care to voice my opinions about my political views, but it was nice seeing a campaign that didn’t have anything to do with Trump or Clinton. It was a breath of fresh air. I did like the depths at which Dre was willing to go for Junior, he clearly felt strongly on the matter and was willing to do anything for his son and that’s always a plus.
Rating: 7/10
P.S. Sorry for the late post, I have been dealing with family emergency so I am just now getting to watch this episode.