Chicago Med (S02E04): "Brother's Keeper"

Family issues create drama for the doctors of Chicago Med.
When a patient arrives who is mentally out of it, it’s a legal battle between the son and girlfriend about who’s decision counts more. This is a real storyline and one I find fascinating. I do wonder what happened to the girlfriend though? Surely she would continue to fight for her opinion and save her boyfriend? But instead she fades away until briefly at the end. Both her and the son clearly have warped realities and just want to get something out of the life or death of the patient.
A new illness called CRE seems to spread throughout Chicago, even effecting a young girl with cancer. One patient makes the brave decision to take out his breathing tube in order to help find a connection between the patients with CRE. Ultimately everyone is fine.
One of the more interesting plots was with Daniel a young boy dealing with Heroin withdrawal. Dr. Reese seems to be making progress until his mother arrives and things get tense. When he reaches out for help, Reese jumps into action. It turns out he is actually apart of a sex trafficking scandal, but unfortunately there is nothing to be done. I wish they would continue with this storyline, but I understand they can’t since the boy will no longer be in the hospital.
Characters continually grow in this episode and it will be interesting to see different relationships form (or disintegrate) as the season goes on.