Conviction: (S01E02) "Blood and Tunnel Vision"

I’m not sure if I just really want Hayley Atwell to be Agent Carter again or if this show really is just trying too hard to be edgy.
The more I learn about Morrison the more I do feel badly for her. She’s had a great deal to put up with but at the same time I kind of think she was being rebellious to be rebellious. There are plenty of first children that didn’t lash out and managed to live some semblance of a normal life.
This episode we got to see the team take on one of the DA’s case. It appeared as if it was a self-sabotaging move; trying to get herself fired or the team dissolved. The series arc of whether or not the public will find out how she got the job was touched upon via a reporter who has stated she’s now on the case. Great.
The case wasn’t too typical. It did involve proving 2 of the 3 suspects not guilty, so win win with the boss.
The episode didn’t win me over for the show because, like I said, I feel like it’s trying too hard. All of the characters have secrets that they’re trying to keep from each other but somehow Morrison either knows and puts it out there or you get the sense she’s going to find out eventually. The show is trying to paint her as flawed and perfect all at the same time and it’s not working for me.
The redeeming moment of the show was the very end when her and her brother had an impromptu dance party in their apartment. It was too cute…but it raised more questions. Like…how is her brother so well adjusted? What happened in their lives that led them down two different paths? Also, since last week I was wondering whether or not the “flaw” for the brother will be that he’s in the closest. We’ll see…if I keep watching.