Empire: (S03E04) “Cupid Kills”

Tonight Cookie goes to the Opera. Lucious goes Godfather, Jamal gets duped, Hakeem gets punked and Andre goes “giggity-giggity” (Quagmire’s voice from Family guy) this episode was so much…everything and is one of my favorites.
 Cookie goes to the opera when she is invited to attend a special event with Angelo Dubois. Showing up in her “high heel sneakers” and tight red dress; she realizes she is a Fish out of Water and is ready to run when she finds out it is a Black Tie Gala; complete with old money and socialites who brought their snobbery and snub. Yet she is awed by Lyric Soprano, “Gia” (Lauren Michelle) performing La Boehme. The aria leaves Cookie, breathless. She stands claps and shouts “sing that song, girl!”  Love it!  Good music should be appreciated, regardless of the venue! And there were “No clapping during performance” signs.  After a confrontation in the ladies room with the snobs of  the Jack and Jill society, Cookie leaves; hot and bothered and  perhaps just a little humiliated.
 However, this experience leads Cookie to one of her best productions; Opera and Hip Hop with Gia and Tania in a duet of La Boheme.  The way Gia’s was woven into this part of the storyline was timely and perfect. It was so much more than good. It should be inspiring to many young girls…and boys. To see a woman of color bringing Opera in such a unique way to their stations is a very different way of educating as well.   It also satisfied the need for Tania to respond to Hakeem and Gram’s battle (over her) La Boehme was the perfect choice; it is what the opera is all about.  
 Meanwhile, “Lucifer Lyons” (as Cookie’s dad called him) was busy wheeling, dealing and getting on Shine’s bad side. Andre and his dad, force Shine to sign Nessa’s contract at gunpoint, after a beat down. Later Shine gathers his posse and declares war. Lucious also subtly threatens Councilman Dubois by sharing with him what happened to another one of Cookie’s suitors, when they were kids. Angelo’s response: “we’ll see”  
 Jamal is duped by Freda and Lucious to get her released from jail. With Jamal being the most outspoken and along with medical documentation regarding her instability, it worked!
 Shine punks Hakeem during a live stream.  He turns down Hakeem’s offer of $2.5 million for Nessa’s Empire contract in a rude display of the confidential bid by way of the stream.
 And then there’s Andre! He is struck, smitten and hypnotized the moment he hears Nessa’s voice. And although terribly attracted to her he is unable to meet her expectations when she suddenly appears at his home to… comfort him.  In his ongoing grief; his mental image of Rhonda encourages a Ménage à Trios.  He complies and becomes fully engaged! And this is “okay” with Rhonda.  It was surprising, sad, eerie, kinky and very well done.