Supernatural (S12E01) "Keep Calm & Carry On"

Review: The Family Hunters are back & on a rescue mission! Well more of a reunion/rescue mission. At the end of last season it was revealed that Mamma Winchester has returned & Sam was shot yet again. But in this opening episode a lot of feels start to flow. Dean has to help Mamma Winchester believe it’s her little boy (now a grown man)  that she has face planted on the ground, the British b**** is getting on our nerves, & Castiel crash lands into earth! (This scene seriously reminded me of the meteoroids hitting the ground when Clark arrived from the Smallville tv series.)
So yeah, automatically it’s going to be a great episode!  Well not quite, it’s more of a roller coaster of feels! Mamma Wincchester is remembering the good old days when she was alive (plus coping with the new modern world), Dean really wants to find Sam (he pulled a Taken moment on that phone call), and Castiel is seriously wanting to beat the crap out of everyone! I think it’s Lucifer’s fault from last season lol. By the way, our ex-king of hell is still roaming around (Crowley) & looking for Lucifer’s sorry a**! Demon hunt!
But overall, Mamma Winchester still got her moves (saved Dean & Castiel from the torturing British b****!), the other British b**** is still trying to break Sam (cold water and burning his feet didn’t work so now she’s messing with his head), and can we take note on Dean’s face from earlier within the episode when Mamma Winchester was reminiscing about the backseat of the “Baby” (the black impala for all those that are new). We all knew what she was thinking, an Dean felt so uncomfortable. I hope they save Sammy soon, cause his hallucinations will get worse..i hope he doesn’t see Lucifer.