Blue Bloods: (S01E04) "Mob Rules"

Blue Bloods opens with Frank in a meeting. The leader of the meeting talks about how the police came through their neighborhood and picked up 100 youths. The police were doing a gang sting. The leader says not everyone picked up was in the gang. Frank said they had probable cause for everyone they arrested. Frank says they have to admit they have a common goal which is ending the blood in the streets. The room is full of men who have been injured. I hear gunshots outside. Frank says the NYPD is on the scene and is in the process of securing the area. He asks for the next question.
The next thing I see is Eddie and Jamie walking on the street talking about what they ate for lunch. A pedestrian almost gets run over and yells at the vehicle. The vehicle stops and two guys claim to be FBI and Homeland Security and they want to arrest the man. They say he approached their vehicle. Then they say one of the guys is NYPD and they are working together on a terrorism task force but they walk away.
A couple is arguing about the broken air conditioner. The man says they will open the windows. The man is Sid Gormley, of the NYPD. There is a bunch of guys outside on his property making a lot of noise. He says he will go out and talk to them. The guys don’t give him any respect and they start beating him. He did call for backup before he went out. He did tell them he was a cop but they didn’t care.
The next thing we see is a badly beaten Sid in the hospital. Frank is there. Anthony shows up also. Anthony asks if Sid will be OK. Frank says by the grace of God and an eighth of an inch. Anthony asks what they have. Frank says not much. Sid doesn’t remember much. Anthony says no one in that neighborhood will talk. Anthony says he can do something about this unofficially. He grew up in that neighborhood and still has family there. Frank tells Anthony not to do anything he wouldn’t do. Anthony says yes sir although they make it clear he doesn’t work for the NYPD anymore. He works for the DA’s office.
Jamie is talking to the pedestrian from earlier. They are filling out forms. The man says he is from Syria but he has been living here for 20 years. He is just now filing for citizenship. He tells them he could be deported as those other guys are filing felonies against him.
Sid is awake. He says he is so doped up he can’t remember anything that happened. Anthony says it could also be because of the head injury. It’s called retrograde amnesia. Anthony asks if he could identify those who did this to him or what led up to the confrontation. Sid says he has nothing. Sid’s wife did say there were so many men.
Danny and Baez are walking around a neighborhood. They come across a black woman who says look around. See all those injured people? That’s not from traffic accidents. There are a bunch of guys around who tell her to stop talking to the police.
Danny and Baez go to knock on the door of a man’s apartment. He opens the door but he is in a wheelchair. He asks them if they still want to kick his ass.
Anthony goes to visit his aunt Sophia. She is mad he locked up her son Joey. Anthony talks about Sid’s beating a couple blocks away and they are having problems getting people to talk. Sophia says people are scared of the cops and won’t talk. He asks if there is something she can do.
Frank and Erin are meeting for a drink in a bar. Erin asks if Jamie came to talk to him. Frank says no. Erin says Jamie came to talk to her first and she told him to go talk to Frank. Frank wants to know what about and she says Jamie should talk to you. Frank then tells Erin that he is grateful that Anthony is helping out with Sid’s case. Erin is surprised. Apparently Anthony didn’t talk to Erin. She is mad no one told her. Frank says he just did.
The guy in the wheelchair is down at the police precinct. He has a long list of priors. He was also in a gang. The gang leader shot him in the back and now he is paralyzed from the waist down. The guy says now he lives his own life in his apartment surviving on his disability check. He says they brought him down here on some obstruction charge. Danny tries to get him to talk by saying that the medical care at the state prison isn’t that good. The guy counters by saying anyone that talks ends up in an acid bath.
Garrett is talking to Sid. Anthony comes in and shows Sid some photos and asks Sid if he recognizes any of them. Sid says no. Anthony asks if he doesn’t have any idea who wanted to give him a beat down. Anthony says help me help you. Sid says he thought he got along great with all of them.
Later, Jamie comes over to Frank’s house. Frank says you didn’t just come over here on a Thursday night for a beer. Jamie talks about what he and Eddie saw. Frank tells Jamie this can’t be Jamie’s problem or his problem. Frank pretty much tells Jamie to let this go. Jamie is upset and leaves.
The Syrian’s lawyer wants to talk to Jamie and Eddie as he was put in jail and that he got beat up in jail. Eddie and Jamie say they will only talk under oath. The lawyer says he could lose his citizenship because of the other two cops.
At the Reagan family dinner Jamie and Frank get into a fight over what happened to the Syrian.
Danny shows up at the guy in the wheelchair’s apartment with leftovers from the Reagan family dinner. He says he remembers he told him his family disowned him and it’s probably been a while since he had a home cooked meal. Danny says why don’t they sit down and watch the game together.
Anthony is asking questions about Sid’s beating. The Russian gang members asks him what he is doing so Anthony tells him. The gang tells him they own these streets. The next day Anthony shows up and talks to the gang members. He brings a diaper for one of the gang members as he has a summons for him for public urination.
Danny and Baez go back to talk to the guy in the wheelchair. There is someone with the guy in the wheelchair and the guy talked him out of testifying. It is actually the guy who shot him. I can’t believe this.
The Russian who urinated publicly has an attorney who says public urination is no longer a crime. What? Really? Erin and Anthony then switch the topic to his harassment of store owners. They also ask him about Sid’s beating. They say they know that he avoided arrest before by ratting out others. They tell him to do it one more time for Sid’s beating. The Russian guy says just don’t tell them I cracked right away.
Sid is ready to go home. Garrett is there and tells him to take all the time he needs.
Danny and Baez come back to talk to the guy in the wheelchair. The guy who shot him is there. The guy in the wheelchair shoots and kills the guy who killed him. Danny says what did you do? Danny cuffs him. Danny says now his life is over.
Jamie is fishing and Frank comes by and asks him what he is using for bait and if he is getting any bites. Jamie says he reached out to the arresting officer and the Syrian guy who was arrested was released. Jamie is happy about that. Frank admits that he still has misgivings about Jamie being on the job. Frank says Jamie wants perfection and wants everything to work out right all the time but in this line of work, it doesn’t. He says in a court room there is more order and things turn out better. Frank says there are things in this job that will eat away at Jamie until he is gone. Jamie says you always say it was my choice. Frank says and it still is. Jamie asks how he deals with the losses. Frank says he puts them in a box and doesn’t look at them again. So the show ends on a nice father son note.