Legends of Tomorrow (S02E01) "Out Of Time"

When a new threat emerges, Dr. Nate Heywood seeks out Oliver Queen to help find the scattered Legends; once reunited, they go to 1942, to keep Albert Einstein from being kidnapped before the Nazis destroy New York City with a nuclear bomb.
Season two starts out with not only a new intro, but also Dr. Nate Heywood sprinting to meet now Mayor Queen to talk about the most important thing in history: finding the Legends. Self proclaimed “Time Detective”, Dr. Heywood (aka Commander Steel as he maybe known in some circles) has found evidence (with the help of a yet to be named physicist friend) that the Legends team has been slightly altering history. With this evidence, Heywood discovers that The Waverider went missing in the Atlantic after the detonation of an atomic bomb… in 1942. Three years before it’s actual invention.
A day after Heywood’s break in to the mayor’s office, the two are traveling along the ocean floor and find the illustrious ship, with only one crew member aboard. Mick Rory himself was in stasis until Oliver wakes him up, and in classic Heatwave fashion, starts a fight. Kicking off with the events of last season, Mick talks about how they spent their time chasing down time bandits who use history for their own personal gain. Naturally things start to become a little complicated.
“I knew we’re all in trouble when Rip made us put on blouses just to save the King of France.” Ah yes, the ol’ “Time criminals are trying to kill the King of France to stop the beginning of the Golden Age of France and thus rewriting all of history” schtick. Classic. With Atom protecting the King Louis, and Sarah getting Queen Anne ready for the consummation, we see the Legends fixing time. The playful teasing that Jax gave Sarah was quite comical.
It begs the question: How did the team get from France in 1637 to the bottom of the ocean in 1942? As it turns out, New York City was destroyed by the Germans. However, the team was told not to travel back to 1942 by Rex Tyler (aka Hourman), the guy that appeared to the Legends in the final moments of last season. Still unclear as to why they can’t go to that particular time in history, Dr. Stein and Ray learn that while the Allied Forces still win W2, it takes another two years to finish and ends 12 million more lives, including a missing Albert Einstein. The two deduce that not only is Einstein’s disappearance the cause of New York City’s destruction, but it allows the Nazis to have technology to build an atomic bomb. Guess they have to go kidnap Einstein!
While the team is off to 1942, and in a very “But daaaaad!” moment, Jefferson is taxed with making sure that the time drive is fully operational in case the unthinkable happens and the team fails to save the city.
Having already located Einstein in a cocktail party in Columbia (“That means booze! Where is it?” Rory is the best.). Sarah breaks away from the group to track down the notorious Darhk to enact her revenge, with Ray quietly following her.
“I’ve never been to a nerd party before.” Seeing Einstein feel up some ladies is a bit weird, but it was great seeing Rory and Dr. Stein reverse their admiration for the world’s greatest mind.
Back with Sarah and Ray, we learn that Darhk is in league with the Nazis and supplying them with uranium.
Having Einstein in tow on the Waverider, he slowly starts to realize that not only is New York in danger, but that he’s with time travelers. Sadly, the Legends realize that they’ve made a grave mistake in kidnapping the wrong physicist, Einstein’s ex-wife.
Two things we’ve learned about Mick Rory this episode: he has now been to a nerd party and he LOVES roasting Nazis. While Ray’s suit isn’t as radiation proof as he thought (C’mon Ray) we get to see the fury of our Canary, and Mick being really concerned about ‘Haircut’; so much so he gets shot, hence why he was in stasis at the beginning of the episode. We also learned that Rip has been training young Jefferson as much about the Waverider as possible. Seems Rip is thinking about how much of his future will be spent on the ship… Captain Hunter also gave us a new aspect of time travel in case of a genuine emergency. A TIME SCATTER. Very ominous.
As the ship descends into the Atlantic to stop the atomic weapon from escaping, the ship is less than effective in underwater engagement. The great thing about this scene is that we get to see the truly evil acts that Darhk is capable of, even in 1941. Thankfully, the Waverider is there to take the hit for The Big Apple, while still saving the crew using the aptly named time scatter. Essentially, it sends the subjects through various and random points in time, except Rory and Hunter.
Jumping back to 2016, Mayor Queen has Heywood and Mick teaming up to find our Legends. Poor Ray Palmer is stuck in prehistoric South Dakota looking like he just crawled out of Jumanji (“What year is it?!”), the Firestorm duo is forced into entertaining a mini King Jeoffrey in England in 821, and last but certainly not least, Sarah in 1693 in Salem and apparently a witch.
It seems the only team member that can’t be found is Captain Rip Hunter. His final message has clearly struck a nerve with the team and leaves them uncertain about what to do with not only the Einsteins, but also the rogue time traveler hellbent on aiding Damien Dahrk alter the timeline.
Using some specialties from Dr. Time Detective, Albert simple announces his collaborations with his ex-wife, thus protecting both of them from future harm.
SUDDENLY, red lighting aboard the SS Kraut. Yes, it seems that Eobard Thawne (aka The Reverse Flash) has joined up with Damien to cause more trouble throughout history.
The final moments of the show, we’re met with The Justice Society of America, who are not only new metas being introduced for Legends (aside from Vixen who appeared in Arrow and in her own cartoon spin-off with both Arrow and Flash), but also possible trouble for the crew of the Waverider.
I gotta start off by saying Legends of Tomorrow was my favorite new show last year, and even though LoT has been known to not take itself to seriously, it doesn’t take away from the fun of the show. The music, special effects, new characters and more lighthearted tone make this one of the best comic book shows on air. That being said, I did miss seeing Captain Cold this episode. His on screen chemistry with Mick was one of the best parts of season 1. I can’t wait for Wentworth Miller to come back as a more villainous character alongside Darhk, RF, and John Barrowman’s Dark Archer. Some genuinely awesome potential on this season for Legends of Tomorrow awaits us. This episode specifically had all the action I’ve come to expect from this show and  is really starting to make the CW Berlanti-verse more and more interwoven. I personally couldn’t be happier. 7.5/10.