Lethal Weapon: (S01E04) "There Goes The Neighborhood"

“Bad things happen in every neighborhood.” – Trish Murtaugh 
I know it’s only episode 4 but I think Lethal Weapon is really hitting it’s stride. It’s balancing the procedural, with the buddy cop comedy, and throwing in a pinch of the feels for Riggs every so often. 
The episode starts out with Murtaugh and his son in a barbershop in the ‘old neighborhood’. The barbers gives Murtaugh crap for moving to a white neighborhood and he shrugs it off but when he has his son alone he reminisces about the positives of the ‘old neighborhood’. 
Murtaugh’s son connects with one of the kids in the old neighborhood and that leads to some trouble. They get pulled over by a police officer but are let go because Murtaugh is a cop. Riggs has to go and get Murtaugh’s son and that causes some issues between him and Murtaugh. Murtaugh was so upset he even went so far as to say that Riggs has no one to love but himself. That statement totally broke my heart. Murtaugh was angry but he really hit Riggs where it hurts the most. 
The kid Murtaugh’s son was running with happened to also be connected to home invasion case that they were working on. He got mixed up with the wrong people and got shot for it. Murtaugh promised to put in a good word for him. 
The episode started out with Murtaugh romanticizing the ‘old neighborhood’ but coming to terms by the end with the fact that  there was a reason they moved. Also, though his kid made one mistake he realizes that his kid is in fact a good kid. A thought reinforced when his wife mentions this to him. 
Toward the end of the episode Murtaugh and Riggs are placed into therapy…or rather couples therapy in order to get them to apologize to one another. They do, in their own convoluted way. Riggs told Murtaugh he had a nice shiny head. And in the end Murtaugh takes him to his barbershop and calls him family. <3
Buss laugh moment of this episode: Watching Riggs and Murtaugh fight a giant wet man. 
Punch in the feels moment of this episode: Murtaugh telling Riggs he has no one to love but himself. 
Definitely looking forward to the rest of this season and on the lookout to see if it gets picked up for a new season. 
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