MacGyver: (S01E04) "Wire Cutter"

Slowly MacGyver is growing on me. I think it’s because the writers are pumping it with witty one liners. They are not, however, concentrating on making the show less…typical. 
This was very much a mirror episode. Dalton and MacGyver are having some trust issues because Dalton found out that MacGyver is still searching for Nicole. The mission for this episode entails two men who are very much like Dalton and MacGyver. One betrayed the other by defecting to the US. 
The entire episode, in between finding and defusing a nuclear bomb, was about drawing comparisons between Dalton and MacGyver and the two older men. The lesson to be learned is that they need to not keep secrets from one another because it leads to miscommunication and mistrust. A lesson they come to terms with after one of the older men dies. 
MacGyver and Dalton promise to not lie to each other anymore and MacGyver promises that his Nicole search is over. I’m only looking forward to next week’s episode in order to say ‘i told you so’ when both of these promises are broken. 
It was a good episode in that I laughed a lot but a few minutes in I see it’s a mirror episode and I’m no longer interested in the actual story because I know one of them is going to die in order for Dalton and MacGyver to learn their lesson. 
Buss laugh moment of this episode: When the two older guys meet after years and one of them immediately jumps back into his car to grab a gun while muttering something in Russian. The look on his face…priceless. 
Punched in the feels moment of this episode: When Riley stays behind to watch ‘The Price is Right’ with the surviving member of the older pair. It was very thoughtful. 
It was a good episode but I’m still waiting for this show to…wow me. 
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