The Exorcist: (S01E04) "Chapter 4: The Moveable Feast"

So, it’s the next morning after the subway attack and Angela calls Casey down for breakfast. Angela breaks an egg and a dead chick comes out. Henry seems well. Kat is talking about dance. This must be a fantasy or vision of some kind. The old guy is sitting next to Casey where she has a plate of dead chicks on her plate. She tells him something is not right here and the old guy slaps her and she falls to the floor. He tells Casey she forces him to do these things when she doesn’t give in completely. He tells her she just has to give in completely and say one little word, yes. Next, we see Casey in restraints in what can only be a mental hospital.
The doctor tells Henry, Angela, and Kat that Casey is on hold for a mandatory 72 hours. Kat says maybe it’s a good thing if they can find out what is wrong with Casey. Angela calls Father Tomas.
Marcus goes up to a church and knocks on the door. He asks to speak with someone but she has taken a vow of silence. Marcus says doesn’t she take an hour break daily? He leaves without seeing who he came to see.
Father Tomas arrives at the hospital and tells Angela he is not allowed to perform the exorcism so Angela says you are useless to us. Angela asks about Marcus. Tomas says he has been excommunicated and he is gone so he cannot help her. Tomas says he will do what he can. He asks Angela to have faith in him.
Marcus is now sitting by or in a kind of park. The nuns go walking by.
They are doing some tests on Casey. The doctors say she is severely dehydrated and there is genital trauma. The doctors ask Angela if there is a history of mental illness in the family. Angela gets mad and doesn’t answer.
Marcus follows the nuns and they have formed a circle around a man who appears to be possessed. He strikes out at one of the nuns who already has a scarred face. The nuns are chanting. The scarred nun approaches the man but he knocks her over again. She puts up a hand for Marcus to stay back. She tries to touch the man’s face and look at him with love and hugs him with love. She tries to cure him with love. The man falls down.
Marcus sleeps on the bench by the nuns. In the morning, the nuns wake up Marcus and tell him his presence is not welcome. He looks at the next name on the list of friends he was given along with the bus tickets in the last episode.
Casey is talking to the old man while a nurse is by her. The nurse tells her God loves her. The old man tells her the pain can go away.
Marcus is riding a bus tour around Chicago that talks about the serial killers in Chicago’s history.
Angela is in the chapel at the hospital. Henry finds her. He tells her he told Kat to go home and shower. Henry tells Angela that what Casey did on the train was not Casey. Henry tells Angela that when she gets out of there, whatever she thinks is the best thing to do, they will do.
Father Tomas brings a young boy to the lady who gave Tomas that huge check last week. She asks Tomas what he needs. He explains he would like to perform a service for someone but the church has tied his hands. She figures out that he wants her to go above someone’s head. She asks if this service is the right thing to do. He says it is the only thing to do. The little boy wanders into an old man’s room where he is hooked up to a bunch of machines. Tomas says he has taken enough of her time and they have to go. She says she notices he hasn’t cashed her check. He says he hasn’t had time but will first thing in the morning.
Henry is at home with Kat and Angela. They are attempting to eat but no one looks hungry.
Father Tomas gives his secretary the check to deposit. He takes out a book on exorcisms. Just a little light reading. He is making notes and marking passages. Jessica comes by to see him. He looks surprised.
Angela arrives at the hospital and the doctor says Casey is not retaining fluids and not eating so they are putting in a feeding tube. Angela doesn’t like it.
Jessica says she gets a text message from her husband meant for his girlfriend. She plays along for a few minutes and then he figures it out. When he comes home he tries to deny it but then she showed him her phone and he couldn’t deny it anymore. Jessica says while they were exchanging letters, he was actually having an affair. He says it’s not her fault.
Marcus is with the leaders of the tour in their mobile home. He tells them he is a priest with a gun and is an exorcist. The tour directors believe there is an increase in violence in Chicago and that comes right before demonic activity. They even know about the harvesting of organs we saw in the last episode. The female tour leader says those organs are used for only one thing. Marcus says “Summoning?”
Tomas has Jessica staying in what I hope is his guest bedroom.
They are putting the feeding tube into Casey’s nose. You can see the burn marks from the curling iron all over her body. The old man says love, unconditional love shines from her mother’s eyes. He talks about a weapon he has in his suit that he will hit her with again and again.
The next morning Tomas wakes up and finds a note from Jessica thanking him for letting her stay and being stronger than he is. He says yeah right.
Marcus is back at the nun’s place talking to one of the nuns. He goes to talk to the nun with the scars. He has found her hour of talking. Marcus tells her about Casey. He tells her about the boy who died. He tells her they took his collar. She tells him the collar doesn’t hold the power. The power comes from God’s love. He asks her if he should use her methods. She tells him he lost one but he needs to get back up and try it again. She invites him to come tonight when they do another exorcism.
Angela, Kat, Henry, and Tomas are at the hospital. Kat doesn’t believe an exorcism will help. Tomas says he cannot do anything officially but unofficially…
Meanwhile, that night Marcus is with the nuns and he tries to help the possessed man with the nun’s methods then he tries his methods then he goes back to the nun’s methods by telling the man he is forgiven, redeemed, and loved. The man becomes quiet and seems healed. He looks confused. Marcus is surprised that it worked. The nun with the scar just smiles.
The demon is in Casey’s room and he is strangling the nurse. He tells her in order for him to stop she just has to say yes. She says, OK, whatever you want but she never actually says yes. Angela happens to come into the room and hugs Casey and tells her she is OK.
Angela tells the doctor that she wants Casey released immediately. The doctor says he has eight more hours. The doctor agrees to let her go because he doesn’t know what else to do for her.
Marcus arrives at Tomas’s and says he wants to make a full confession. Marcus asks if Tomas has been practicing. Tomas says yes. Marcus asks if the demon has been manifesting. Tomas says yes. He wants Marcus to help him. Marcus says he could lose everything. Tomas says he is willing to take this as far as it takes. Marcus says that’s the only way he knows how to do it.
Marcus and Tomas go over to Casey’s bedroom and prepare the room for the exorcism. It looks as if they are preparing for the worst. They take everything out of the room and pound up mattresses on the wall. I see chains for restraining.
Tomas asks Marcus why this is happening now. Marcus says good question, let’s go find out. They go into Casey’s bedroom where she is chained. Marcus and Tomas say let us begin. Casey just glares at them.
The previews for next week look really good!