Van Helsing (S01E05) "Fear Her"

Man oh man, every episode keeps getting better and better with this series! This episode especially was amazing we were able to see the inner fighting spirit of Vanessa, we have info on what this group that Mohammad and Vanessa saved in what or who they are looking for and we heard the mention about the Resistance again. All I can say is this episode was definitely worth the Friday wait. We also see an interesting and more emotional scene with Sam and Mohammad making the audience believe that their relationship could even be like a father and son (adopted son) relationship, my personal opinion I would like to see more of that explored later on wither it happens in future seasons in a flashback or even in this season in a flashback scene I would like it see it explored but like I said thats my opinion. Now lets get to what happened in tonight’s episode shall we!
In the episode: We are taken directly to where those vampires were carrying Vanessa (Kelly Overton), carrying her directly to their boss Julius (Aleks Paunovic) who is very curious to see what the fuss and fear is all about for this mysterious “dead” woman. When Vanessa is brought to his presence, Julius is told by one of his vampires they all fear her. That they all are afraid and to have one of them prove they are not afraid in a challenge against Vanessa. When one of the vampires comes down claiming to not be afraid of her, Vanessa remembers her as Susan (Hilary Jardine), Julius sees it as a bonus that Vanessa knows one of his vampires.
The two of them have a fight, vampire Susan taunting Vanessa so she will fight her. When Vampire Susan then brings up Dylan (Hannah Cheramy) and killing her, Vanessa believes the taunts and begins to fight Vampire Susan. When Vanessa gets behind vampire Susan, she then bites into her neck making her bleed out and scream in terror. Julius then witnesses the transformation happen to Susan himself with her converting back into human. Vanessa and Susan then make a run for it!
Meanwhile back at the groups base of operations, Brendan (Terry Chen) is grateful for all that the group is doing for his people. Brendan then takes his people for a small private conversation. With Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) not trusting the new group, he asks Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) to sync into what they are having a private talk about. Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) then translates when Sam gives it a go again. Mohammad then translates that Brendan’s group is looking for the Resistance; which Mohammad has learned about.
After Sam is done syncing in thats all Mohammad is able to translate; Doc (Rukiya Bernard) doing her work in helping Brendan’s friend whose fighting for his life. Once word is being talked about a Resistance Doc stops what shes doing to listen in as well. Only to hear a crunching noise and some other noises that then ends up being to where the friend is now dead. Brendan then demands to know what happened and thats when Brendan and Catherine (Sarah Desjardins) hear about a murderer they have in their base of operations.
The group then turn on Axel and the group of the base with Catherine holding Axel at gun point. With the group then prisoned up in their own base, Brendan then assures them if they give to him the murderer everyone else can go free. But its hard to turn over the murderer when you don’t know who it is. Meanwhile at Rebecca’s place, Rebecca (Laura Mennell) is on the hunt for who keeps spying on her, revealing that its Sheema (Naika Toussaint), Sheema begging for her life says she can do anything for Rebecca. But Rebecca already has everything that she needs, and trys deciding what to do with Sheema. But in the end decides to let her go; Sheema runs out of Rebecca’s place.
Meanwhile with Vanessa and Susan, they are in the tunnels of Julius lair trying to figure out how to escape from there. Vanessa and Susan then go where not even Julius’s pet vampire won’t even go down, so they think they have a way of escaping without being followed only to have one of Julius’s well trained hunters to hunt down Vanessa and Susan. With Susan not able to go on without taking a rest at the moment they decide to rest.
Meanwhile back at the base of operations; the group now imprisoned in their own base they all decide who could have killed that man; who could’ve killed Wendy (Fiona Vroom), they first look at Mohammad in how fast he was wanting to get out of the base with Vanessa. But then Nicole (Allison Wandzura) looks at Flesh (Vincent Gale) but Flesh doesn’t want to believe it. Yes he’s been having trouble with sleeping and having nightmares but he doesn’t want to believe he is a killer. With all of the bickering Mohammad makes a lie and tells Brendan and his followers he’s the one responsible for the killings. Sam tries talking Mohammad out of it, and tries to even protect him from being exiled. But Mohammad assures Sam they will see each other again soon, hard it is for Sam to see his best friend (perhaps an adopted son kind of feel) to go and be exiled the group now has to look after Sam.
In the end of the episode, Vanessa finds out from Susan what happened to her daughter Dylan and the two then have to run away from the vampire thats hunting them!
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