The Goldbergs (S04E04) “Crazy Calls”

Review: This week’s two storylines focused on kids fighting with a parent: Adam wants Beverly to respect his boundaries and Murray and Pop Pop are fighting via the answering machine.
Adam is facing one of the biggest problems as a freshman in high school: find a place to sit at lunch. Luckily he quickly finds a group to spend lunch with, in the computer lab. Beverly is happy that he has found new friends, but when she hears Johnny Atkins making fun of him, she wants to help Adam out, even though he clearly told her not to. To help Beverly, Mr. Glasscott advises her to make Adam look less like a nerd. After her first plan fails, she comes up with a new plan. First step: cheese the drive of one of the computers so that the kids are thrown out of the computer lab. However, the plan already backfires here because Adam knows right away that his mom is behind this. Seeing Adam’s disappointment after being kicked out of the lab, Beverly solves things by letting Johnny Atkins take the blame, and the kids are allowed back in the computer lab. While Adam still doesn’t want Bev to cross his boundaries, he’s glad that she helped him out.
Meanwhile, Murray, sick of never getting his phone messages, buys an answering machine to solve the problem. After recording a ‘great’ outgoing message, Murray and Pop Pop start fighting over the phone: “And so began the great Goldberg answering machine war of 1980-something”. Erica is sick of not being able to use the phone and deletes Pop Pop’s messages so Murray doesn’t have to call back. Surprisingly enough, it makes Murray sad that his father hasn’t called because it is the only way they ever talk. To make things right again Erica tries to get them together during a Flyers game and when that fails, she comes clean to Murray. She tells him that she erased the messages, and that she wants them to just talk to each other. As a result of this conversation, Murray goes over to Pop Pop’s and they start talking for real.
This episode was probably my least favorite of the season so far. I laughed a lot during the episode though because, as usual, it had great lines, it just felt like there was something missing from both storylines. I really enjoyed seeing Judd Hirsch back as Murray’s father and I also thought it was great that the two real Mike Levys were in the episode. My favorite part of the episode was the last scene where Barry pranks Erica by pretending to be the answering machine. But there was just something missing, but I can’t really put my finger on what the problem was exactly, even after rewatching it several times.
So far The Goldbergs is off to a great start this season, and while I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I did with the previous ones, I am pretty sure the show will be back strong in its next, Halloween themed episode.
Rating: 8/10