Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E04): "The Night Shift"

Review: After coming to Jake and Holt’s rescue, the Nine Nine has been demoted to the night shift. Or “the upside down”, the shift full of the Drunk and Disorderly and without any joy. The squad’s new predicament is affecting everyone in different ways, with Terry becoming “night sassy” as a result of his exhaustion, Gina finding a whole new (Australian) demographic for her Twitter account and Rosa taking long, mysterious breaks during her shift.
Jake, on the other hand, is determined not to let the night shift get to him. It’s his first week back at the precinct and all he wants is for everything to go back to normal. What he doesn’t realize, however, is that too much has changed. Especially when it comes to Boyle, who now has a kid and wants to be a hands-on dad. When Boyle’s parenting starts messing with Jake’s police work and his desire to solve a case at night, Jake goes off on his own, positive that he doesn’t need a partner.
However, Jake does get a new partner in the form of Jessica Day/Zooey Deschanel! Because this is a crossover episode. Sort of. There’s more crossover stuff in the ‘New Girl’-half of the night, but B99 still delivers with a scene between Jake and Jess, as Jake confiscates the car Jess is driving to follow his escaping suspect! There’s some witty banter about New York and then Jake crashes the car and I’m left wondering if a crossover was really necessary and if so, how are they going to explain Damon Wayans jr.’s part on both shows?
Back at the precinct, Jake gets some advice from a former Night shift-er, who’s now ten times happier working the day shift. The guy, Lohank, talks some much needed sense into Jake, convincing him of how awesome it actually is that Boyle has a kid now.
Meanwhile, like Jake, Holt is also determined not to let the night shift affect him or the precinct. He attempts to increase office morale by using various creative methods, such as forced smiling that *should* lead to actual smiling but doesn’t, forced laughter and a party in the briefing room to “turn up”. Holt is so determined he even learns about Skrillex. But, to no avail. “Why is no one having a good time?”, Holt asks, “I specifically requested it.” When it doesn’t work, Holt gives up.
But Holt giving up gets to the squad. They host a work “hang” just so they can complain about the horrors of the night shift together. Which is the key word here, “together”, because if they’re all miserable together, at least Holt will work on getting them back to the day shift. Consider that office morale increased!
Finally, amidst all of this, Amy is dying to know why Rosa is taking all those long breaks. Fed up with having to do all her paper work and having to do the heavy lifting, Amy decides to follow Rosa on one of her breaks. What she finds, is Rosa sitting on a bench at the park. When she confronts Rosa back at the precinct, Rosa does the last thing Amy expects: she starts crying!
Amy’s lost, not knowing what to do with a tearful Rosa. But Rosa admits that she’s just worried about Pimento, who still hasn’t returned even after they caught Figgis three weeks ago. Amy’s attempt to comfort her consists of horrible things that could have happened to him to explain why he hasn’t returned yet. Including him maybe being dead. It’s not very comforting.
Later, Amy apologizes for what she said earlier and offers to do Rosa’s paperwork, as Rosa was always there for her when Jake was in witness protection. She’ll even wait on that bench with Rosa, if she needs that! Awwwww.  
In the end, Jake finally comes around, knocking on Boyle’s door with a huge truck for Nikolaj to play with! Boyle’s so excited he doesn’t even know what to do with himself!