Interview with Rukiya Bernard

Today my dear readers I was given the privilege of interviewing Canadian actress Rukiya Bernard. You might know her as Doc from the new television series Van Helsing (2016); or you might remember her from the movie Supervolcano (2005),  or maybe her role as Camille in the Supernatural episode The Mentalist which aired in 2011. But today I chose to ask her about her role as Doc in the Van Helsing series. I have to admit when I was trying to come up with these questions I was kinda nervous in what to ask, I literally had to think almost a whole day before I came up with the questions I did but I’m grateful that she answered them the best way she could and heres what she had to say:
r bernard liz rosa 41 - Interview with Rukiya Bernard
Question 1) What interested you about the Van Helsing show?
Ans: I was interested in the modernization of the story, especially with a female lead. I like dystopian stories in general and this one really throws gender roles on its head. Often literally. I also wanted to be a part of an action packed show and this one doesn’t disappoint.
And thats so true about that so far each episode has not disappointed the fans and I’m looking forward to more kick ass things to happen in the show!
Question 2) After seeing your character Doc convert back into human, what is your opinion in what Doc might do with her new human life? Will she choose to stay human? or Do you think she will try something to make her self vampire again?
Ans: Doc is in a complicated position having been a “virgin” vampire. She’s never killed but she remembers the urges. She’s human again but she’s back to surviving the apocalypse, now with a killer. I think she’s most interested in not getting killed and dealing with the stress of this whole situation.
Question 3) I noticed in the first episode that Doc and Sam seemed to have some I don’t want to say googley eye but perhaps something that could be taken further maybe even a relationship or anything like that, is there anything that you would like to maybe hint at in a future episode of Doc and Sam?
Ans: Ah, you noticed. Doc as a vampire was always sniffing out the situation whether it was outside and especially the new blood that came into the hospital. Sam as a survivor is doing the same. I think that moment was about two dogs sniffing each other out, just from opposite sides of the spectrum as vampire and human. As for their future? It’s complicated. 😀
Question 4) I noticed in the last episode that aired that Doc heard the name Julius whose one of the in-charge of the groups of the vampires, do you think Doc will investigate further in the name she heard? Or do you think she will bring it up in the group in a future episode?
Ans: When surviving a vampire apocalypse, intel is power. And Doc is a smart and curious cookie. However, having trusting friends is also power. It’s all about playing your cards right. But as for now, I’ll say she’s got a good poker face.
Final question, Is there anything that you can hint at that we can expect from your character Doc that may happen in future episodes?
Ans: Doc, Vanessa, Axel and the rest of the group are in for it. Surviving is the name of the game, at whatever cost it takes. As for what to expect from Doc in the future? Tune into Syfy on Friday’s at 10pm EST to find out.
Well you heard it from her personally folks, if you want to learn what to expect from our Doc on Van Helsing you have to tune in every Friday 10/9c thank you all for reading and I want to give Rukiya a thank you for this opportunity its truly been wonderfully exquisite!
I would like to give Liz Rosa the credit for the photo provided for the interview!