Last Man On Earth (S03E03) “You’re All Going To Diet”

Review: After we found out in the last seconds of the last episode that Pat might still be alive, this episode focuses on the group’s reaction to the possible danger. While everybody wants to leave Malibu, Phil says that Pat is probably gone and far away because he doesn’t like being around people. To everyone’s surprise, Lewis agrees with him and so the group agrees to stay in Malibu. Just to be sure that they’re not in danger, Phil takes some crazy security measures (his alarm system is one of the funniest parts of the episode).
Melissa however takes matters in her own hands and tries to protect the group with her gun. All of her scenes were definitely the best part of this episode. January Jones did a fantastic job, playing the paranoia crazy person. In the last episode we got a little preview of Melissa’s reaction to killing Darrel, but this week she gets a little crazier and even plants landmines at the beach. The group gets more and more scared, but Phil can still convince them to stay because they’ve been through so many things together.
At night, because of the tides, the mines start going off and Melissa gets nuts, shooting at whatever makes the mines explode. This pushes everybody over the edge and the group wants to leave the house, despite their history there. The episode ends with everybody saying goodbye to the house, and to Gordon, Phil #2 and Darrell and they drive off into the great unknown.
The writers tried to hit a more emotional note in this episode, with Phil’s speech about all their history in Malibu and the eventual goodbye. Surprisingly enough, the emotional parts did nothing for me and they took a lot of the fun away from the episode as well, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but this week it was. Thank god for Melissa’s paranoia.
Just one more thought before the long wait till next week: I really don’t trust Lewis. I’ve had this feelings since he joined the group, something about him just isn’t right. In this episode I especially felt that when he agreed with Phil about staying in Malibu. It didn’t make sense to me and I think he’s hiding something. Maybe he and Pat have some kind of plan together (or he took Pat’s body), but there’s definitely something up with him! We still don’t know if Pat is really alive, and the fact that the gang is now moving, makes Lewis even more suspicious to me. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!
Rating: 7.5/10