Once Upon A Time: (S06E04) “Stranger Case”

I don’t know if I’m just easy to please or what but I really like how this season is going. Every episode has something new to offer. In this episode, we got to learn about the history behind Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in Once Upon A Time style. Rumplestiltskin, being always the suspect for every untold story, helped Jekyll to get the Scientific Academy grant for his experiment in exchange for him to use the serum he created for experiment of his own. Rumplestiltskin succeeded on his first trial but was not satisfied. Jekyll created the serum for making Mary fall in love with him but she fell in love with his other half, Hyde. Something happened one night with Mary and Hyde. The next morning, Mary wake up beside Jekyll instead of Hyde. She freaked out and Jekyll was so angry that he accidentally (or purposely) pushed Mary out of the window. To save himself, he drank the remains of the serum to turn back to Hyde so people would see that Hyde’s the one who pushed Mary. Back in the lab, Hyde was so devastated and he confessed to Rumplestiltskin that he fell for Mary. Rumple hated it and told him that’s a sign of weakness. 
Meanwhile, Snow White is back to school to teach. She had a hard time connecting with the students but with her teacher aid’s help, Shirin, they found a way to connect.
Gold was on a mission of killing Hyde because he didn’t have a leverage against him and he knew Hyde will use Belle as leverage against him. Gold protected Belle by casting a spell on Jolly Roger where she stays. Jekyll visited Belle to talk about Mary. He was on a mission of killing Belle as a revenge to what Rumplestiltskin did to him before. Killian arrived just in time to save Belle. He killed Jekyll. Through Jekyll’s death, it’s discovered that killing the original, it will also kill the other half. Regina found out about it and she’s kind of okay of dying to destroy the Evil Queen. She talked to Emma and asked her to promise her that when it comes to that, Emma will protect their family. 
At the end of the episode, it shown that Rumplestiltskin did what he did before because he thought, by using the serum, he could get rid of his feeling for his maid, Belle. Belle was so disappointed with this information and told Rumple that she will not love him again but Rumple said to her that necessity will because of their baby.
Now that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s story ended, we were left with the cliff hanger for the next episode as Shirin being Princess Jasmine and her search for Aladdin.
Additional notes:

  • They need to find another way to destroy the Evil Queen without having Regina dead.
  • I love how Grumpy being grumpy. It adds comedy to the show.
  • Jekyll turning out to be the bad guy was quite a shock because he is so sweet and cute. Looks can be very deceiving indeed.
  • Did I say this before that OUAT season 6 is the new season 1? Because the plot twists were so lit.
  • I just hope that Jasmine won’t turn out to be a villain.