Shameless (S07E03) "Home Sweet Homeless Shelter"

Review: This episode of Shameless was the best of the season so far in my opinion. It showed just the right amount of drama and honestly was the most comedic episode of Shameless since S6.E9. But a bit on the downside, there isn’t really anything new here as Shameless writers hasn’t really changed the way they tell stories…..but I guess if it it’s broken, why fix it?
Frank is known for his crazy shenanigans and schemes. ‘Home sweet homeless shelter’ introduces us to his latest one. After disowning his real family Frank goes out and gets a new one at the homeless shelter. He picked separate individuals, calling them the new versions of his previous family member. After hearing the shelter he’s been staying at is up for sale, he finds a home that’s up for sale, and moves all the homeless people into it. This is definitely not going to end well. At this point in the series nothing that Frank does surprises me anymore.
Shameless broke off another relationship almost as identically as they broke off  Ian & Caleb. After Dom’s father chased him across the room for giving his daughter gonorrhea. Carl later learnt that you can’t give someone gonorrhea if you don’t have it yourself. Carl follows Dom and finds that she is cheating on him with a college frat boy. He recruits her father, and he gets the whole police force in on the raid. Should be a fun Carl-centered episode next week. But what’s next for Carl’s love life? (fingers-crossed I’m really hoping we get to see Bonnie again)
Svetlana, V, and Kev get a new addition to their family. While establising their ‘cleaning maid service’, which was soon after scrapped. Svetlana’s horrible father pretty much showed up out of nowhere. He doesn’t speak any English, and he’s the perfect solution to people not paying at the Alibi. It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes with this new man in the house. Svetlana’s father showing up is mainly just for some dick jokes and an excuse to be able to get the throuple together outside of the bar, but that works fine. What doesn’t work is the idea that Kev would abandon an actual cleaning business in favor of parking the van places and getting people to pay him to leave. Is that actually a sustainable business model? There’s no guarantee people would complain! Or how much money they would offer! It’s very “take advantage of dumb rich people,” and that’s on-theme, but you can’t just abandon the stable part of the business in the process!
Debbie gets caught for shoplifting. Who didn’t see that coming!? And what ever happen to stealing strollers? well, she would’ve got caught for that too eventually. She really has a indiscreet way of doing things. She really isn’t cut out for the scammer life. Fiona had to ‘bail’ her out just moments after having to pick up Ian from work after a incident that left an aggravated woman fuddling on the streets. Well no more pick ups for Fiona, she advises the family members to put her number at their emergency contact list. And also everyone (except Liam of course) are basically going to start paying rent from now on. Fiona is really getting her shit together….or atleast trying to. With much inpiration from her high school drop-out boss Margo, Fiona is finally thinking and planning for her future. Oh my, if Jimmy/Steve could see this. I really hope the writers don’t ruin Fiona’s newly found ambition. Fiona deserves to be happy.
Also, how is Liam still in daycare? he’s like 6!