Z Nation (S03E05) “Little Red and the Wolfz”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. In this episode we don’t see anything from Citizen Z nor the team. It’s strictly  focused on Murphy and 10K. Murphy is going crazy trying to understand why Doctor Merch did what she did, at some points he almost  convinced me to agree with his crazy plan. At the beginning he tells his people “Keep building. Creating. Finish the moat. Get the power back on. Plant food. Live. Without fear.” Sometimes he makes you believe he’s a good guy, that he really wants to do something good…but then he does something which reminds you he’s a narcissist.

10K storyline is great. Although he’s running away almost all the time, from Will and from the wolfz, he gets amazing fighting scenes and has awesome lines when talks about free will with Will. They both have solid arguments, but I stand with 10K in this matter, I’d rather be afraid than dead inside.

To Z or not to Z.

Murphy spends the entire episode in the lab, talking to Doctor Merch’s body. He is having a hard time trying to understand why she decided to end her life and gets furious when he finds out the good doctor would rather be dead than be part of his new world. He’s also struggling with his desire to eat her brain…but at the end he does it and gains all her knowledge, allowing him to keep working on the vaccine.

mur and merch - Z Nation (S03E05) “Little Red and the Wolfz”


Tired and  wounded, 10K has to run away from Will, who’s looking for him to take him back to Murphy. Every time he’s about to faint or get lost, Red appears as a kind of spirit guide and wakes him up or shows him the way. Things seem to get better for him when he steals a motorcycle from a guy, but his luck doesn’t last long: three people ambush him, stealing the motorcycle, his medicine, and chaining him to a car to be eaten by Zs. 10K gives the Zs a pretty good fight but then is captured by Will, who takes him with him on a small quest to recover the injectors.

10k and will - Z Nation (S03E05) “Little Red and the Wolfz”

10K attempts to escape again but Will captures him, and gives him a speech about a life without fear and the wonderful world that Murphy is building. Then a Z shows up and goes directly to 10K, he tells Will he want to live without fear, Will kills the Z, releases 10K, and they continue their quest to recover the medicine. When the next opportunity arises, 10K manages to escape again and fakes his own dead. He gets rid off Will but the wolfz are still chasing him. When 10K tries to run away from the wolfz, Red appears and tells him to turn around, that he has to save 5K this time. 10K hears the boy’s screaming, rushes toward him and fights the wolfz —who weren’t wolves but soldiers using wolves’s fur — and the screaming he heard weren’t from 5K but from the woman who stole the medicine.

At the end, 10K continues on his way. When he’s about to go back to Spokane, Red appears making him to turn around and follow the opposite road. 10K injects himself with the vaccine and passes out. While he is unconscious someone approaches him.

red - Z Nation (S03E05) “Little Red and the Wolfz”