Conviction: (S01E03) "Dropping Bombs"

The episode starts out with a hit to Hayes’ ego when the DA mentions to a reporter that she’s a new Hayes…a less edgy version. I immediately knew this episode would be all about her proving that she still is edgy and unpredictable. 
She immediately went to her office and found the case with the most edge. It’s about a bigot that was imprisoned for bombing a mosque and killing an Imam and three other men. It’s not the kind of case anyone expects the team to take because the convicted person is a known bigot. It seemed like a pretty simple case. Turns out, however, everyone looked at the case as a hate crime because it involved Muslims, they did not look at it as they would any other case. Had they done that they would have learned that the Imam was cheating on his wife and so his wife lashed out. Because the bigot is still a bigot who has plans for doing much worse than what he was convicted for the team has reservations about him being released. One member of the team takes it upon himself to make sure the bigot stays in jail. He informs a skinhead that the bigot is being released because he’s a snitch. This leads the skinhead to attack the bigot and the bigot stabs him, committing a felony which means he has to stay in prison. 
The episode ends with Hayes trying to make amends with the DA. They, of course, start making out but it doesn’t get much further than that because they both receive urgent messages. The DA turns on the tv and it’s the reporter from last week releasing the information on how Hayes got the job. Dun dun dun. 
Buss laugh moment of this episode: While Hayes is looking to reclaim her edge by sifting through a bunch of cases she does so by laying on  the desk, standing on the desk, crawling under the desk…I laughed, not because I found the moment funny but because I thought it was a desperate attempt to add humor to the show. 
Punched in the feels moment of this episode: The widow who shouted at Hayes for reopening the case of her husband’s murderer hit Hayes in the feels and it was a pretty sad moment. You can tell that Hayes wanted to be genuine with them in hopes that that would placate them but it did not. One of the widows straight up shouted at her, while another mentioned that her husband was more than just a Muslim…a sentiment I think can be lost on many. 
Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode: The debate or rather heated argument they had toward the end of the episode regarding whether or not they should continue to investigate because it is fast leading to his potential release. The bigot admits to wanting to hurt people and could do far worse than what he is actually accused of doing. Hayes stands by the fact that even bigots deserve a fair trial and if he’s not guilty he should not be in prison. The rest of her team are of the mindset that the bigot belongs in prison because he is a danger to society. They’re both right but I’m also a strong believer in the words of Spock…the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. 
Aside from the made me ponder moment, this episode was kind of typical. This series has yet to hit a stride that makes me excited to watch it. 
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