Family Guy: (S15E03) "American Gigg-olo"

Quagmire needs a job and gets one.  Brian needs a job and gets one. Peter takes a 2nd job. And Donald Trump rides a bus and gets thrown under one, depending on who you talk to.
Tonight’s episode is about employment, the need for it and what we’ll do for money and… health insurance.
During an airline strike, Quagmire happens across a Strip club. Needing money he becomes Captain Cockpit, after he is mistaken for a dancer.  He’s actually quite good; bumping, grinding and gyrating seem 2nd nature for him.  He becomes a “gigolo” when asked to perform with women for added companionship and pay.
In concert, Meg plays her cello to an audience of none, when Peter leaves her recital to pick up Quagmire from a job. Because he  has a problem collecting from this particular client, Peter makes sure he gets paid. He  accepts a cut of the night’s earnings and “boom” Big Pete the pimp is born; complete with head turning  flashy clothes, shoes and attitude
Meanwhile, in a side story, Brian gets a job, because Peter’s day job no longer covers dogs. This was probably the funny of the episode for me, because why would they cover him in the first place?  Did they know he talks?  Finding a job in a hardware store, Stewie pays day workers to help get him fired.
However, the obvious highlight of he show and what is trending, is Quagmire’s  memory of Peter’s ride on the Access Hollywood bus, with “The Donald” Their locker room-boy talk jogged Quagmire’s memory, during the strike and he likened his situation to that ride declaring, “what a mess” Yes Quagmire and a mess it still is!