Lucifer (S02E04) "Lady Parts"

Nothing worse than losing your expensive drone… except finding a dead body in the woods. Lucifer found a “loophole” in his deal with Dad on how to deal with Mom and he tries to distract himself by getting a new phone. During his session with Dr. Martin points this out but as usual Lucifer is more self involved and only takes away what he wants to hear. He tries to get Chloe on board the distraction train because of her own problems but she prefers to dive head long into her job. While finding clues to their dead girl’s murder (first clue a triangle stamp), Maze drops by the Divine Goddess to see how much she is suffering. Mom is miserable but she seems to have found a system to help her endure and it allows her to be closer to her real family which she points out Maze doesn’t have. Amenadiel is having his own problems and decides to ask Dr. Martin for advice. However, because of his rule (humans can’t know the existence of the divine) he can’t tell her exactly what it is. Unfortunately Amenadiel’s innuendoes only elude to his sexual prowess. Lucifer and Chloe find their dead girl’s boss who tells them that she was his waitress but she was having a girl’s night and he was with another waitress as his alibi. Chloe corners Lucifer about his need for distraction because of his mother and such so Lucifer calls Maze and promises her anything she likes if she would take Chloe out for drinks. Lucifer and Chloe hit up their dead girl’s apartment as shown to them by the girl’s red head neighbor only to find another dead girl with the same triangle stamp.
Ella tells them that the girls were poisoned by mandrake and Chloe dives deeper into the case to distract from her problems. She even stops by Lucifer’s club to fill him in on what she had found so far. However, this is killing Lucifer’s buzz. Fortunately Maze happens to show up in her usual sexy leather and boss attitude and then Ella making it an impromptu girls’ night. Since there was a bar across the street where Chloe wanted to stake out Maze decides to call Dr. Martin as well and they manage to get Chloe to loosen up and have some fun. Lucifer then finds his brother sulking into a Cosmopolitan at the Lux Bar. The Devil decides to help his brother get distracted but not with Cosmos. Chloe lets loose at the bar and discovers a connection to her case when she sees a guy with the same triangle stamp on his wrist. Even drunk Chloe gets the job done. But a few other girls get the wrong idea, one red head thinking that Chloe is trying to steal her man but Chloe has her new tribe to back her and havoc ensues. Maze even goes a bit over board by knocking out a few other guys. Chloe manages to question the guy before he passed out. Turns out the dead girls were at a secret illegal sex club. Chloe enlists the help of her soon-to-be ex Dan to go undercover but seeing as he looks too much like a cop she asks Lucifer to join him who in turn brings an intoxicated Amenadiel. They all agree that Dan wreaks of cop. While Amenadiel cuts loose Lucifer and Dan manage to find the bartender and question him, breaking up the party. The bartender said there was another blond there giving them a clue as to how it all went down.
Lucifer gets a text from Maze with a picture of Chloe getting drunk and Chloe finds it getting angry at Lucifer for making a deal with Maze to spend time with her. Feeling betrayed Chloe dives back into the case looking for Yuri, the last man to see the girls alive. They find him in his car incredibly sick but he didn’t kill the girls. He drank the last drop of what they had which was why he was sick for the past few days. They find a picture on his phone with all four of them. There was a third blond but Chloe knew her for the red head neighbor. Lucifer and Chloe catch the red head packing to leave. Turns out she was a part of a sorority with the dead girls who trusted her and red head betrayed them because she herself felt betrayed by her misguided dreams of making it in LA. Lucifer manages to distract the red head long enough for Chloe to turn the tables. Maze drops by the station telling Chloe that even though Lucifer practically paid her to hang out she still had fun and now she doesn’t want to kill Chloe anymore. Maze also sheds light on Chloe’s missing half hour where she agreed to move in with her. Maze won’t take no for an answer: she likes Trixie and she won’t steal any of Chloe’s clothes because Maze hates her fashion sense. Lucifer isn’t happy about it but Maze wants payment. Having the Devil pour her a drink seems payment enough though. Amenadiel drops by still hung over from the night before. He still doesn’t tell Lucifer what’s wrong with him but he asks what promise he made with God would be worth making and or breaking? Lucifer reveals with some apprehension that he made a deal with Dad that if He spared Chloe’s life then Lucifer would drag Mom back to Hell. Amenadiel then asks him what if God decides not to hold onto His side of the bargain. Lucifer says it’s ludicrous but the look on his face is terror. Chloe is driving when she is hit by another car out of nowhere. Uh Oh.
I give this episode an A+! I loved seeing Chloe let loose and see the “Lucifer” girls bonding. Dr. Martin definitely has a feisty side and who knew she was a sex phone operator! I’m curious to see how Lucifer will handle Chloe getting hurt. He may just decide to drag Mom back to Hell after all but I doubt Mom will just go willingly since we know that she has some super strength.