Madam Secretary: (S03E02) "The Linchpin"

Picking up where the last episode left off the McCords have taken their situation to the FBI. The security for their children has been increased and all of their electronics need to be checked. The youngest of the McCords doesn’t easily give in and doesn’t unlock his phone. Because the FBI can’t crack his password there is a show down between him and his Dad that leads his completely distraught and his father actually feeling a little bad because his kid did make some good points. Even though he gives up his phone, someone makes a false claim of him having a weapon and a SWAT team shows up to take him down. They really do take him down and his security team just kind of stands by and watches. He mentions to his mother that they didn’t shoot him. I thought that was rich because hey…he is a white kid after all. A message is left in his locker claiming that ‘they’ can get to the kids any time they want. Waiting for the next episode to see where this goes. I’m still up in the air as to who  I think it is. It could be her very party because she is sewing the seeds of dissent within the party. Or, it’s an enemy from previous seasons…because she definitely has those. 
That was the B story. The A story is the policy story. They are trying to avoid civil war in a country run by a dictator. In the very beginning of the story the dictator goes back on a previous deal to step down peacefully by hanging the person he was supposed to step down for. The ambassador that was key to the deal, first decides to resign because of party loyalty but after some convincing decides to stay on. Only to die of what I think may have been a heart attack while bitching about the administration and the route it is going down. Ultimately, Elizabeth manages to get the dictator ousted peacefully by appealing to his right hand man, a general. 
Buss laugh moment of this episode: When the youngest McCord tells them they are insulting his intelligence by lying to him. He’s not wrong and the statement itself is not incredibly funny but it’s the incredulous look on his face that came with the statement that made me laugh. 
Punched in the feels moment of this episode: When the dictator hangs the would be president in front of McCord and her team while she is begging for him to not hang the man. Absolutely gut wrenching. 
Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode: The fact that the ambassador literally dropped death while bitching. Made me think about how I should maybe meditate more. I don’t generally bitch but I do keep anger pent up. Anyone watching that scene should have done a double take on how they handle their anger. The last thing you want it to go down bitching about something trivial. 
As usual, great episode. Waiting to see who’s threatening her kids. 
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