Scorpion: (S03E04) "Little Lost Boy"

The episode opens with former team member Collins dancing down a hallway to a visitor’s room where he meets with Toby whom he calls Tobias. He gives Toby a clue as to who Happy’s husband is and Toby works on this throughout the episode. 
Meanwhile, back at Team Scorpion Headquarters, Walter & Sly are working on fixing the hot dog. They have created a new hot dog they call the U Dog that has a slit in it to add your condiments so you can add more condiments and it won’t spill all over like with a regular hotdog. They even wrote a jingle for it and Walter sings it for everyone. It is hilarious. At one point when Walter announces they are fixing the hot dog, Paige says she didn’t know it was broken.
Ralph is on a field trip with his class to what I assume is a classic car museum. There is an autistic boy Daniel in Ralph’s class who is getting overwhelmed by all the noise even though he is wearing noise canceling headphones. Riley Smith who plays Ralph shines in this episode with the compassion, understanding, and kindness he shows Daniel in trying to help him feel more comfortable in this situation.
One thing that is talked about throughout the episode but doesn’t seem important until much later is that there is a rally for a political candidate named Diaz going on that causes Team Scorpion to alter their routes to avoid the traffic caused by the rally. 
Somehow, Daniel gets separated from the group and picks up the wrong tablet. Daniel’s tablet is his only means of communication as he is nonverbal. Tracking the tablet leads Team Scorpion to some bad guys who are intent on blowing up some propane tanks near the political rally. They have smart bullets to do so. Happy defuses the smart bullet by stopping it with a campaign truck so a huge explosion is avoided and lives are saved.
Through hacking into various surveillance camera footage, Team Scorpion track down Daniel. He is unfortunately with the bad guys and right on the edge of a grain bin used to make beer. He falls in. They have literally 80 seconds to save him. They send Walter in after him. Daniel is rescued and later calls the team to thank them using his tablet to communicate.
Near the end of the episode Toby figures out the riddle Collins gave him. Walter is Happy’s husband. Happy explains saying that it was only so Walter could get his green card. It will be two more years until Walter gets his citizenship so she cannot divorce him as he would be deported and there would be no more Team Scorpion. Then Happy says but Walter, I need to divorce you now as I am pregnant. Happy is pregnant with Toby’s baby. Of course the episode ends with these two bombshells. 
What a great episode from start to finish. One other cute thing about the episode is Sylvester’s phone. It has the Super Fun Guy Logo on it.