The Odd Couple: (S03E01) "London Calling"

Emily doesn’t want to go on her internship to London. Felix tells her she has to go. Three months later Felix is a mess. He has a beard. His hair is unkempt. Emily is talking about being out until two a.m. Emily says she can’t believe the internship is over in three days. They keep in touch by Skype every day. Emily keeps talking about this guy Fergus. He might be her supervisor. He has asked her to design jewelry over the weekend and stay a couple extra days. Emily and Felix sign off saying they love each other.
The next morning Felix is in the kitchen making what he calls Emily’s welcome home dinner.
Oscar and Charlotte are celebrating their three-month anniversary. Oscar lets it slip that he planned dinner at Langford’s. Charlotte is not happy as that is where they always go.
Emily Skypes Felix and tells him she has to stay another three weeks as Fergus wants her to help him with his jewelry show.
Oscar and Charlotte get back from their date and Oscar says they can’t go to his apartment. Felix is there moping. Felix is in a tux and eating the dinner he had planned with Emily all by himself. Charlotte talks Oscar into going in and talking to Felix. Charlotte and Oscar sit down with Felix and talk to him. They encourage Felix to go to England and tell Emily how he feels.
Oscar asks Teddy for advice on how to make the night special for Charlotte on their anniversary.
Felix has taken the sleeping pills Oscar gave him but he wasn’t supposed to take them until he gets on the plane. Felix is a wreck and I don’t see how he is going to make it to the airport. Felix falls asleep on the floor of the apartment. Oscar says he will go in place of Felix and takes a bunch of money from Felix saying he will fly first class.
Oscar is knocking on the door to Emily’s apartment. She can’t imagine what he is doing here. He tells her Felix can’t live without him and she needs to return immediately. Emily doesn’t understand why Felix didn’t come himself. She Skypes Felix. Emily tells Felix she is upset that he sent Oscar and that he didn’t trust Emily. Felix thought Fergus was at the apartment, not Oscar and that Emily was cheating on him. Emily says Felix is gay. Charlotte is impressed Oscar went in place of Felix. Meanwhile Boyz II Men comes to serenade Charlotte. That is Oscar’s anniversary gift to Charlotte.
Felix tells Emily he was just afraid that she wasn’t coming back at all. Emily offers to come back right away. Felix says no. Charlotte tells Oscar to get back right away. Felix and Emily tell each other they love each other. I guess Emily isn’t mad anymore.
Charlotte and Felix are at Oscar’s apartment and Oscar enters. Oscar says he has something for Felix and he opens the door and Emily is there. Emily wants Felix to come to France with her for the jewelry show. How sweet. That is the end of the episode.
This was a funny episode! I’m glad the show is back for season three. What did you think of the episode?